[Feb 2017] Beginner's Guide


Welcome to the world of Mobius FF!
In this Beginner's Guide we will be explaining the basics of advancing in the game and how to get stronger!

"I want to know how to advance in the game..."
"I finished the tutorial, but I still don't understand Jobs or Ability Cards..."
If you're feeling a bit lost, please check out the guide!

1. Introduction

 Use Stamina to Proceed! 

In Mobius FF you use a point called "stamina" to proceed to different areas.
You recover 1 stamina every 5 minutes.
When you gather experience by battling and level up, your maximum stamina will be increased.
Log in every day and use stamina appropriately to progress through your adventure!

*Along with this gauge, "Remaining stamina/Maximum stamina" also appear at the top of the screen.
When your player level (displayed to the right of your name) have risen, your stamina recovers to the maximum. Also the leftover stamina will be carried over and displayed as "(+remaining stamina)".

 Grow Stronger to Challenge Tough Enemies! 

In order to proceed further and defeat the tough enemies along your journey you need to grow stronger.

The main focus of Mobius FF's growth system is powering up Job and Ability Cards!
How to do that will be explained in detail after this!
Also in order to efficiently grow stronger using Magicite effectively is essential.

 Gather Magicite! 

You can trade Magicite for various items in the shop such as stamina recovery items, jobs, ability cards, and other items used for powering up your cards.

1 Magicite is stockpiled every 10 minutes. You can check how much Magicite you have gathered by looking at the gauge in the upper right corner of the screen and gather them by tapping the icon.
The amount of Magicite you own is displayed above the gauge.
Over time the gauge will become full at 100 Magicite, and unless collected, the Magicite will not accumulate any further.
Gather Magicite frequently so none goes to waste!
You can also purchase Magicite if necessary.
By using Magicite effectively, you can efficiently increase your strength!

2. Raising up a Job

 (1) How to Obtain Jobs

 Initial Jobs 

After the tutorial has completed you will have the initial jobs from the 3 different types of job; Warrior, Mage, and Ranger.
Raise these jobs in the beginning!
As they become stronger their advanced jobs will be able to become unlocked, such as an Onion Knight becoming a Warrior or Knight.

 Job Summon 
"Summon Tickets" or "Magicite" can be used to summon new jobs through Job Summon.
You can obtain jobs much more powerful than the initial jobs!
Also, some jobs you can obtain through Job Summon such as "Warrior " or "Mage" may appear like the advanced job from the initial jobs that have the same name, but their power and advanced jobs make them a completely different job, so please take care.

 (2) How to Power Up Your Job

 Collect Seeds 

When you win a battle you will obtain skillseeds based upon the abilities you have equipped in your deck.
You use these skillseeds to power up your job.

You can also earn bonus skillseeds by venturing into dangerous areas or achieving high battle scores.
Check the bonus in the Battle Results screen on the right side! It will be displayed as "x1.5" to the side of the list of Skillseeds obtained. 

 Unlocking Skill Panels 
In the Deck Screen you can open the Skill Panel and use the skillseeds you have gathered to enhance that job.

Attack:Power of "Attack" and Ultimates.
Magic:The multiplier that affects the power of abilities and Break Power. (when using abilities matching the Job Type)
Speed:The number of actions you can take in 1 turn.

Also, you can upgrade the different stats in whatever order you like.

3. Enhancing Ability Cards

 (1) How to Obtain Ability Cards

 Ability Shop 

Ability Cards are typically obtained after defeating enemies in combat, but you can also trade for more powerful cards in the Ability Shop.
When trading you use Ability Tickets. Ability Tickets are obtained through area rewards or through the Item Shop.

 Card Summon 

Card Summon is done by using Summon Tickets or Magicite to draw Ability Cards. The cards will be summoned with all stats raised to their maximum.
★4 High rarity Ability Cards not found in the Ability Shop can also be summoned.

 Greater Ability Summon 

Greater Ability Summon allows you to summon 6 cards at once!  You can obtain random ★3 or ★4 cards through this summon. The summoned cards will all be summoned at Lv. 1, but you can obtain many cards for a low cost.

 (2) Enhancing Ability Cards

 Card Fusion 

Ability Cards have the following 3 stats. The higher they are the more of each effect you receive.

 1. Card Level:When you equip it your deck level rises and your HP and other stats increase.
 2. Ability Level:The power of abilities used in battle increases.
 3. Unlocked Seed:The amount of skillseeds obtained after battle increases.

Each attribute can be enhanced through fusion with another card.

【How to Raise Each Stat】
 ・Card Level:By equipping that card in your deck and engaging in combat, you can gather Experience (EXP) to increase the Card Level. You can also make a card receive experience through fusion.
 ・Ability Level:By fusing a card with the same ability it will have a fixed probability of increasing.
 ・Unlocked Seed:By fusing a card of the same attribute or a Cactuar, there is a fixed probability of increasing.

*The Deck Level is the sum of the 4 cards equipped in your deck. Based on this value, your HP, attack, and other stats change. On the other hand, Player Level has no effect on combat stats and mainly affects the maximum amount of stamina. Both of these levels grow through experience earned in combat.

Boost Fusion 

Ability Tickets can also be used to enhance your Ability Cards. This is called "Boost Fusion".
This should be used on cards that are only obtained by Ability Tickets.

If you would like to know more...
You can also open "Help" in-game to see more details about features in the game.
What's an Extra Skill? Extra Auto-Abilities? 
Please take a look if you are curious about anything in-game!

The more you become familiar with the game, the more you can enjoy the world of Mobius.
Please try for yourself and experience the depth of the continuing evolution of Mobius FF!

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