• 2020.02.14 NEWS
    [Feb 2020] Boosted Greater Summon - Batch 2!

February's second batch of Boosted Greater Summons is here!!!

Sophie's EX job Earthshaker, Graff's EX job Grand Général, and Wol's EX job The Phoenix is here!
Additionally, the EX ability card Glasya Labolas X will also be added too!

See details below!

Boosted Greater Summon - Batch 2

3 All New EX Jobs
Accessory: Tail Wig
Job Type:

Multiplayer Role:
Thor's Hammer
Area attack. Bring to bear the heavy weight of the heavens' judgment.

This EX Sophie job tests the limits of your foes' durability.
Break foes whose gauges have turned red and increase your number of actions in the process.

Although not specialized in making the gauge red, with Piercing Break and Extra Skill Mantra, all you need
is a sub-deck that can Break the gauge to red.

After Break, it has Elemental Break, Extended Break, and Painful Break to increase your damage!

For attack, Ability Chain, Prismatic Return, and Ultimate Charge: Abilities will speed up and increase the number of Ultimates that can be used.

In addition, its Action Gauge increases tremendously upon attack or using Overwhelm, so Job Change, Sub-Attack, and Mobius Zone can be used effectively.

For Ultimate, it adds Monk's Trance II, Quicken, Haste, Enhanced Elemental Attacks, and Prismatic Shift to self.
It inflicts Debarrier, Weaken, lowers defense against Break, lowers defense against Criticals, Slow to all enemies and finishes off with an area attack.

Grand Général
Job Type:

Multiplayer Role:
Area attack. A singular directive can change the tides of battle.

This EX Graff job excels at staying cool and collected in the heat of battle. Sub-attacks consume less of the action gauge than normal, and the gauge itself fills quickly.
With high HP, the general can afford to wait for the opportune moment to strike, utilizing the power of his sub-job to attack where his foe is weakest.
This job includes the auto-ability Element Call Bis, Steelguard, and Medic.
With Ultimate Charge: Abilities and Counter-limit, your Ultimate gauge will be full in no time!

For the Ultimate - Invasion, it adds Quicken, Barrier, Warrior's Trance II, Wall, Drain, and Prismatic Shift on self.
It inflicts Dispel Bis, Debilitate, to all enemies and finishes off with an area attack.

The Phoenix
Job Type:

Multiplayer Role:
Rise from Ashes
Area attack. To the victor go the spoils.

The Phoenix is a mage-type EX ability job exclusively for the main character with fire attacks.

With Enhance Fire and Exploit Weakness, any foes weak to fire will be annihilated.
In addition, Ultimate Charge: Abilities and Ability Chain, your Ultimate gauge will be full in no time!
Use your abilities simultaneously with Prismatic Element Starter, Prismatic Element Generator, and Prismatic Return!

The effect of Armor Break, Piercing Break, Quick Break for Break are well balanced.
For defense, this job can set for attacks while enduring the attack by foes with Heal Drive: Fire / Water, Fire/Water Resistance, Steelguard, and Medic.

For Ultimate, it adds Faith II, Snipe, Boost, Barrier, resistance to all elements, and Prismatic Shift on self.
It inflicts Debrave II, lowers defense against Break II, Slow, Debilitate to all enemies and finishes off with an area attack.

Saturday, February 15, 7:00 pm to
Sunday, March 1, 6:59 pm PST (UTC-8)

During this period, you can draw from the event banner.

You will summon 6 ability cards.
Out of the 6 cards, there is a chance at drawing a job card.
An Ultimate Hero, Supreme card, or a Legend job may also be drawn at a fixed rate.

*Please review the summon information page for details.

New EX Ability Card
Glasya Labolas X
Curse X
Support ability - Adds Curse II, Dispel Bis, Debilitate, and Hex.

The new support-type EX ability card Glasya Labolas X is also here!

New Boosted Ability Cards
The following new 9 ability cards have been added to the lineup!
During this period, these cards will have an increased summon rate.
In addition, you will receive these cards at ★4 with max card level, max ability level, all extra skills unlocked, and all seeds unlocked when summoning them for the first time!

The ability scrolls for these new ability cards will be available at the Multiplayer Item Exchange during this period!

Howling Monsoon
Range ability - Area wind attack (multistrike overkill). Adds Improved Criticals and lowers critical resist.
Monk ability - Area earth attack (multistrike overkill). Adds Improved Criticals and lowers critical resist.
Sparkling Waters
Support ability - Adds Wall, water resistance, and Ultimate Charge.
Crimson Lotus
Warrior ability - Area fire attack (multistrike overkill. Adds Improved Criticals and lowers critical resist.
Call of the Cosmos
Mage ability - Area dark attack (multistrike overkill). Adds Improved Criticals and lowers critical resist.
Support ability - Adds Wall, earth resistance, and Ultimate charge.
Ragnarok: FFVIII
609mm Electropulse
Ranger ability - Area fire attack (multistrike overkill). Restores HP and adds Reckoning.
S.S. Liki: FFX
Freenzied Paddle
Monk ability - Area water attack (multistrike overkill). Restores HP and adds Reckoning.
Air Cab: FFIX
Mist Engine
Support ability - Adds Wall, light resistance, and Ultimate charge.

Regarding Early Acquisition Cards

Early Acquisition cards are cards that are released next month alongside other new ability cards and can only be acquired through summoning.
This month starting 2/15 7:00 pm PST (UTC-8), the following 3 cards from our previous Early Acquisition lineup will be added to the Ability Shop.

Blue Dragon: FFVIII
Propagator: FFVIII
Vampire Lady: FFII

Now is the time to get those cards you always wanted!