• 2020.01.31 Information
    [Feb 2020] Mobius Gift Box


The Gift Box that Keeps on Giving!

The Mobius Gift Box gives you a variety of benefits for 30 days!

You can receive the following three bonuses for just 1500 magicite!

*A new Mobius Gift Box cannot be purchased until 30 days have passed since the prior purchase.

 1. Immediate Gifts
Just after you have bought a Gift Box, you'll receive a package of items in your Present Box containing the following!

Growstar x 1
Summon Ticket x 6
Ability Ticket x 20
・Elixir x 5
・Phoenix Down x 5
・Crystals x 5
・Spirit Ticket x 1
・Extranger x 1
・Mog Amulet ★4 x 1

*Growstars are valuable items that are required to perform a ★3 to ★4 card augment.

 2. 50% Skillseed Bonus

You'll receive a 50% skillseed bonus for 30 days since the day of the purchase.
Watch your favorite job improve with incredible speed!

 3. Regular Delivery of Gifts (Five Times)

In addition to the gifts sent to you right after the purchase, you'll also receive five more packages over 30 days, every six days. Each package includes:

・3 Mystic Tablets
・2 Metal Cactuar ★4 cards

That's a total of 15 Mystic Tablets and 10 Metal Cactuar ★4 cards!

All for a mere 1,500 magicite!
Six Summon Tickets alone usually cost 3,000 magicite, so it's a must-buy...!

To get it right now, select "Purchase Mobius Gift Box" from the Shop menu!