• 2020.01.23 NEWS
    [Jan 2020] Ranking Event: One for All, and All for Gilgamesh!

Let's all collect Gilgamesh Coins and get fabulous rewards♪
Ranking event One for All, and All for Gilgamesh begins!

There's a Shop Sale, too!
Now let's check out the details!

Friday, January 24, 7:00 pm to
Saturday, February 1, 6:59 pm PST (UTC-8)

*This region will still be available after the rankings have concluded, until 2/8 6:59 pm PST (UTC-8).

From the Act II world map, select "One for All, and All for Gilgamesh" to participate in the event.
Once you enter this region, defeat bosses to proceed to higher levels!

Battle alongside powerful allies!
In this region, jobs from the "Masquerade" will support you in battle. Upon challenging a battle, when you entrust your powers to them - basically in the form of Ultimate gauge - they will support you with powerful Ultimates.

The Phantom - reduces the Break gauge
The Mourner - reduces the number of enemy actions
Chevalier Noir - turns the Break gauge to red
The Sweetheart - damages enemy HP by a certain percentage
The Pure Lady - add boons to player

In addition, after unleashing their Ultimate, they will not only MAX your Ultimate Gauge, but also cast Prismatic Shift!
Also, the amount of power you entrust to their Ultimate gauge will affect the might of their Ultimate attack, so keep your eye on that Ultimate gauge as you battle!

Boss Characteristics
The boss Gilgamesh will use different elements determined by the area he's in.
Depending on the element he possesses, he could have a different characteristic, such as high defense, more actions per turn, or may use more abilities that cause ailments, for example.
So be sure to confirm Gilgamesh's element before battle!

Unlock the Treasure Chests
During the ranking event, you can obtain Gilgamesh Coins in the various event areas, which you can then trade in for items from Gilgamesh's treasure hoard!

To open the treasure chests requires many, many Gilgamesh many that you could not possibly gather such a number on your own.
However, in this ranking event, the treasures' locks will open based on the total number of Gilgamesh Coins collected by all Warriors of Light, so let's all work together to obtain fabulous rewards!

The more times the boss is defeated, the greater the number of Gilgamesh Coins obtained! And you can gain even more Gilgamesh Coins in the Phantasmic Coil!

In addition, upon your first loop of the Phantasmic Coil in One for All, and All for Gilgamesh, you will receive 1500x Magicite! Be sure to give it a challenge during this event period!

*If you choose the Adept or Master levels of the Phantasmic Coil, you can receive the 1500x Magicite by traversing the shortcut areas, equivalent to if you had completed the first loop normally.

Gilgamesh's Treasure Vault
In addition to gil and crystals, there are Ultimeh cards and even treasured limited weapons inside the Vault!
See below for details!

[1st Tier] ★5 Ultimeh card & 40x Gold Opener
[2nd Tier] ★5 Ultimeh card & 40x Crystals
[3rd Tier] ★5 Ultimeh card & 40x Gilgamesh's Pass
[4th Tier] ★5 Ultimeh card & 40x Mystic Tablet
[5th Tier] ★5 Ultimeh card & 40x Rainbow Key
[6th Tier] 1x ★4 Guard Stick Replica X & 1x ★4 Bastard Sword(?) X
[7th Tier] 3000x Magicite

Limited Weapons from Gilgamesh's Arsenal
The limited weapons from Gilgamesh's arsenal are obtained with the following stats: 1980 HP, 200 Attack, 200 Break Power, Magic 200%, ★5 Criticals, ★2 Speed, ★5 Defense
In addition, each weapon has its own auto-abilities, as shown below.
1x Bastard Sword(?) X ★4 (Main Character - Warrior Job)
・Skillseed Up +30%
・EXP Up +30%
・Crystal Seeker +50%
・Gil Up +50%

1x Guard Stick Replica X ★4 (Meia Job)
・Exploit Weakness +70%
・Piercing Break +100%
・Armor Break +100%

Both weapons require just 1 Weapon Boost in order to Augment to a ★5. Once this is completed, the auto-ability Boost Ultimate +1 will be obtained.

*If you do not have the required jobs indicated, you are unable to equip these weapons.

Once Cleared...
After you have cleared the event, you can challenge your limits in the Phantasmic Coil.
The Phantasmic Coil is an unforgiving battle area where no rental cards and no revivals are allowed.
In addition to the clear rewards, we have also prepared the Ranking Rewards so try your best to aim for the top!

In addition, you will find areas labeled Novice, Adept, and Master in the Phantasmic Coil once it appears.
Novice starts as normal from Loop 1, so it is perfect for those who want to go at their own pace, taking their time to observe enemies and their traits!
Adept and Master areas will be unlocked after the Phantasmic Coil has been traversed a certain number of loops and will become shortcut areas in which you can obtain ability tickets and ranking results equal to having cleared the equivalent number of loops manually.

You can choose which area to head to, Novice, Adept, or Master, once you start the Phantasmic Coil.
Please keep in mind that once the mode is selected and the area is cleared, you cannot go back to that area to select another difficulty mode.

Rankings will be finalized at the end of the event period and the following rewards distributed accordingly.
* In the case of a tie, the player with the higher battle score will receive the higher ranking.

1 - 50 ■10x Rainbow Key
■3,000x Magicite
■200x Ability Ticket
■100x Crystals
■Multiplayer Skill Card: HP Regen UP +10%
■The following 3 Prismatic Fractals:
・Magic Up +7%
・Job Change Recast
・Skillseed Up +10%
51 - 100 ■6x Rainbow Key
■3,000x Magicite
■150x Ability Ticket
■88x Crystals
■Multiplayer Skill Card: HP Regen UP +10%
■The following 3 Prismatic Fractals:
・Magic Up +7%
・Job Change Recast
・Skillseed Up +10%
101 - 500 ■3x Rainbow Key
■3,000 Magicite
■120x Ability Ticket
■25x Crystals
■Multiplayer Skill Card: HP Regen UP +10%
■The following 3 Prismatic Fractals:
・Magic Up +7%
・Job Change Recast
・Skillseed Up +10%
501 - 1,000 ■2x Rainbow Key
■2,000x Magicite
■100x Ability Ticket
■10x Crystals
■Multiplayer Skill Card: HP Regen UP +8%
■The following 2 Prismatic Fractals:
・Job Change Recast
・Skillseed Up +10%
1,001 - 2,000 ■1x Rainbow Key
■1,000x Magicite
■80x Ability Ticket
■8x Crystals
■Multiplayer Skill Card: HP Regen UP +8%
■The following 2 Prismatic Fractals:
・Job Change Recast
・Skillseed Up +10%
2,001 - 3,000 ■500x Magicite
■70x Ability Ticket
■8x Crystals
■Multiplayer Skill Card: HP Regen UP +5%
■The following 2 Prismatic Fractals:
・Job Change Recast
・Skillseed Up +10%
3,001 - 5,000 ■60x Ability Ticket
■6x Crystals
■The following 2 Prismatic Fractals:
・Job Change Recast
・Skillseed Up +10%
5,001 - 10,000 ■50x Ability Ticket
■The following 2 Prismatic Fractals:
・Job Change Recast
・Skillseed Up +10%
10,001 - 20,000 ■40x Ability Ticket
■The following Prismatic Fractal:
・Skillseed Up +10%
20,001 - 30,000 ■30x Ability Ticket
■The following Prismatic Fractal:
・Skillseed Up +10%

In addition to the above rewards mentioned, all participating players will receive 10x Mystic Tablets.

Shop Sale
The Shop Sale is here!

Friday, January 24, 12:00 am to
Friday, January 31, 11:59 pm PST (UTC-8)

1. 20% off all shop items you buy with magicite!
All items purchasable with magicite are 20% off!

*20% discount does not apply to items purchasable with gil.

2. Unlock Custom Skill Panels with 20% less seeds!
20% fewer seeds required to unlock Custom Skill Panels!

3. Fusion success rates up 20%!
During this period, fusion success rates are increased by 20%!

*Applies to both Skillseed Fusion and Ability Fusion.
*During this period, displayed fusion success rate values will have the 20% increase applied.

4. Bargain Bundles!
During this period, a bundle of 60x Elixirs and 60x Phoenix Downs only costs 4,000 magicite each!
In addition, a bundle of 50x Mystic Tablets costs only 3,200 magicite!

5. Gilgamesh's Pass, Set of 3
Usually Gilgamesh's Pass is limited to one daily, but during this Shop Sale period, they can be purchased in a set of 3!
Available daily during this period, so don't miss out!

* 1x Gilgamesh's Pass will not be available for purchase during the sale period.