• 2020.01.14 NEWS
    [Jan 2020] Boosted Greater Summon Featuring Paine!? begins!

To commemorate the return of the FFX collaboration event, yet another visitor from Spira has arrived...!!!

Sophie's Legend job Sphere Hunter is here!
There's the new EX Ability card Dhampyr X, too!

Boosted Greater Summon Featuring Paine!? begins!

Let's check out the details!

Boosted Greater Summon Featuring Paine!?

New Sophie Legend Job
Sphere Hunter
Job Type:

Multiplayer Role:
Dancing Beat
Area attack. Help your foes to feel real emotion.

Sphere Hunter is Sophie's new Legend job. She can alternate between two types of jobs: one that is based on Fire/Water/Dark, and one that is Water/Wind/Dark, making her very capable at handling enemies of varying elemental affinities!

She has Attack Limit Break, giving her top-notch fighting power even among all other Sophie jobs.
She also possesses Scourge, which greatly increases attack damage during Break!
Not only does she have Armor Break and Quick Break, but Painful Break as well, which increases damage to Broken foes. And with the effect of Extended Break, her number of actions will be increased during Break, which means she won't let up even while enemies are Broken!

Prismatic Return restores spent orbs as prismatic orbs, which helps support the continuous use of abilities in succession! Ultimate Charge: Abilities increases the amount of Ultimate gauge charged when using abilities, giving her more chances to unleash her Ultimate!
And Warrior Lore allows her to use warrior-type abilities as well!

Her Ultimate adds Monk's Trance, Brave, and Snipe to self. Additionally, it inflicts Dispel Bis, Debarrier, Weaken, and Slow to all enemies before dealing them damage.
Finally, she casts Prismatic Shift to be ready for the next round!

Wednesday, January 15, 7:00 pm to
Saturday, February 1, 6:59 pm PST (UTC-8)

During this period, you can draw from the event banner.

You will summon 6 ability cards.
Out of the 6 cards, there is a chance at drawing a job card.
An Ultimate Hero, Supreme card, or a Legend job may also be drawn at a fixed rate.

*Please review the summon information page for details.

New EX Ability Card
Dhampyr X
Mage's Trance X
Support ability - Adds Mage's Trance II and Quicken, generates 12 element orbs, and restores HP.

New EX Ability card, Dhampyr X is here!

Dhampyr X possesses the boon Mage's Trance II!
More effective than the original Mage's Trance, it greatly enhances mage-type jobs.
It also has the Mage Lore and Overpower auto-abilities, making for a very powerful Support card!

New Boosted Ability Cards
The following ability cards that were created to commemorate the 4th anniversary of Mobius FF (JP version) have joined the summoning lineup!
For a limited time, they can be summoned from the Boosted Greater Summon Featuring Paine!? banner.
If summoned during this period, you will receive these cards at ★5 with max card level, max ability level, all extra skills unlocked, and all seeds unlocked when summoning them for the first time!
Warrior Maiden of Hope
Hope Springs Eternal
Support ability - Area fire attack (multistrike overkill). Adds Fireshift Bis II.
Temporal Sorceress
Time Does Not Wait
Support ability - Area wind attack (multistrike overkill). Adds Windshift Bis II.
I vs. I
Support ability - Area earth attack (multistrike overkill). Adds Earthshift Bis II.
I got this!
Support ability - Adds Wall, Berserk, and Quicken to self and all enemies, and increases own ultimate gauge. In multiplayer, beneficial effects do not affect all allies.
Meia the Mystified
Together As One
Support ability - Adds Sleep, Nightmare, Weaken, Debarrier and lowers defense against Break for all enemies.

Regarding Early Acquisition Cards

Early Acquisition cards are cards that are released next month alongside other new ability cards and can only be acquired through summoning.
This month starting 1/15 7:00 pm PST (UTC-8) the following 3 cards from our previous Early Acquisition lineup have been added to the Ability Shop.

Hammer Blaster: FFVII
Air Buster: FFVII
X-Cannon: FFVII

Now is the time to get those cards you always wanted!