• 2019.12.31 Event
    [Jan 2020] Limited-Time Event: Dream Within a Dream returns!


Relive "Another Story" once more -

The FFX & Mobius FF collaboration event
Dream Within a Dream has returned!

Enjoy the dream once more!

Event Periods
Prologue & Episode 1: Wednesday, January 1, 12:00 am PST (UTC-8)
Episode 2: Wednesday, January 8, 7:00 pm PST (UTC-8)
Episode 3: Wednesday, January 15, 7:00 pm PST (UTC-8)
Episode 4: Wednesday, January 22, 7:00 pm PST (UTC-8)
Episode 5 & Epilogue: Saturday, February 1, 7:00 pm to
Wednesday, April 1, 6:59 pm PST (UTC-8)


How to Participate
Select FFX Prologue from the Act I world map.

An Alternate Story is about to begin in this familiar place.

Aeon Battles
A big feature of FFX is the summoning of Aeons during battle.
Please enjoy the Mobius FF version of Aeon battles!

Bringing powerful battles right to your fingertips!!

How to Summon
Once an Aeon is acquired, your normal SUB deck will be unavailable as it will be used to summon Aeons.
If you have all your Menu tabs, just tap on the sphere that appears on the left side of the screen during battle and simply slide.
This is exactly the same as changing your job during battle.

It requires 1 turn until you are able to summon an Aeon.
Additionally, when you win a battle with an Aeon, the next battle will start off with the player's character, but you should be able to summon an aeon immediately instead of of waiting for a turn!

Enhancing Aeons
In MOBIUS FF, Aeons will have their own Sphere Grid.

Aeon Sphere Grid will generally separate into 2 types of Spheres.

· Aeon Growth Sphere
┗ A Sphere that can be used to power up all Aeons.

· Aeon named Sphere
┗ A Sphere that can be used to power up a specified Aeon's basic attributes and auto-abilities.

Aeon Battle - Advanced Guide

Aeon Shield ...?
Aeons will absorb the same elemental affinity.
With this in mind, even if no specific elemental resistance is set in the MAIN deck, your Aeon can shield you and also recover HP!

Additionally, if the Aeon's HP has 0 , unlike the player's character being defeated, it will simply return you to the MAIN deck.
In other words, if the Aeon covers for the player's damage, a chance at counterattacking the enemy may appear!

Be Advised That Please, You can not summon back the Aeon during the same battle when its HP becomes 0.
(If the player is defeated and a Phoenix Down is used, the Aeon will also revive)

Aeon Job-types
Aeons have its own job-type.
You may wonder if there is a meaning for Aeons to have a job-type but ... Trance-type abilities are also effective!

Valefor is a ranger-type, and Ifrit is a monk-type, so why not try setting the Ranger's Trance or Monk's Trance in your MAIN deck?

Aeon Elemental Attacks
As indicated previously, the normal attacks are non-elemental.
This means that damages can be inflicted to any affinity foes.

Each Ultimate has its own elemental attack.
With Valefor's light attacks and Ifrit's fire attacks, enemies that are on opposite elements could be wiped-out instantly!

A Free Gift!
Login during this period and receive the following ability card!

Tidus & Yuna: FFX
Isn't It Wonderful?
Adds Regen, Haste, Quicken, and Ultimate Charge.

Make sure to hold on to Tidus & Yuna: FFX as you will be able to augment the card once you progress the story in this region.

More Free Gifts!
In commemoration of the FFX & MOBIUS FF collaboration, you will receive the staff that Yuna from FFX favored, the Magistral Rod on your first login during the event!
Equip this weapon and feel as if you have become the greatest Summoner..!?