• 2019.11.30 NEWS
    [Dec 2019] Phantasmic Loop: Endless War 4 released!

Warriors of Light who have walked the path of endless war, this is for you!
We will be introducing a fierce new battlefield for you to utilize all your jobs to the extreme!

Know the full extent of every job before you enter this battlefield.
Phantasmic Loop: Endless War 4
has begun!

Progress through 12 areas to complete one circuit. In this content where difficulty will increase with every area and every circuit, job selection will be key!
Use all the jobs at your disposal to emerge victorious! Fight to the extreme and climb your way to the top!

With the release of Phantasmic Loop: Endless War 4, the current Phantasmic Loop: Endless War 3 will no longer be providing area clear rewards.

With that said, we will be holding a special clear campaign for the Phantasmic Loop: Endless War 3 which includes additional bonuses on top of the normal rewards you can obtain.

Let's check out the details!

Phantasmic Loop: Endless War 4

Release Date

Friday, December 13, 7:00 pm PST (UTC-8)

How to Play
Select Phantasmic Loop: Endless War 4 from the Act II world map.


Challenge your limits with this extremely difficult content!
In Phantasmic Loop: Endless War, not only are rental cards and continues forbidden, but battle difficulty increases as you progress through each area!
There are 12 areas in one circuit of the Loop; clear the 12th area to attempt another circuit!

*As always, repeat circuits to enjoy increasingly high-difficulty battles.

The chest will reset from the 2nd Loop and can be obtained again by clearing the area.
Show off what you're made of and defeat as many enemies as you can!

* The region info for Phantasmic Loop: Endless War 4 will display 13 areas total. Please be warned that the world map will not indicate clears and completion.

Use every job you've got!

In the 12 areas of Phantasmic Loop: Endless War, jobs that were used once in battle cannot be used again, regardless of whether they were used on the Main or Sub Deck.
The remaining areas must be conquered by swapping to other jobs, so the order you use the jobs are crucial.
You can see a list of which jobs have already been used by checking the Info Button on the map.

You can toggle the display of used jobs with the button at the top right of the window shown on the below image.

If you're unable to continue with the remaining jobs, you can reset your jobs with the reset button available in the Info Button window.

You will be restarting from the beginning of your current run, but the number of enemies you've defeated will not be reset, so try and try again to find the optimal job order.

In addition, each area is made advantageous for a particular job-type, so take a good look at the job you own and the enemies that appear!

* Advantageous job-types indicated prior to battle can be ignored.
* Ultimate Heroes can be used once per circuit per character. The job you used the Ultimate Hero with will also be considered used.
* Advanced jobs such as Onion Knight which are available by unlocking skill panels of a basic job will be considered the same as the original job.

*Resetting will not restore treasure chests in areas you have already traversed during your circuit.
*If you reset, defeated enemies will not count toward your max defeated number until you reach the area where you performed the reset.

Moving Between Phantasmic Loops
There will be a new button allowing you to move to other Phantasmic Loops.
Using this button, you can go from Phantasmic Loop: Endless War 4 over to Endless War 2 or 3, and vice versa.

Now, introducing all the rewards for each area!

The rewards are luxurious especially when completing the Loop for the first time.

1st Loop Rewards

1st Battle ■1x Summon Ticket
2nd Battle ■300x Magicite
3rd Battle

■50x Ability Ticket,1x Gold Opener

4th Battle

■3x Extranger
5th Battle ■6x Mystic Tablet
6th Battle ■1x Summon Ticket
7th Battle ■500x Magicite
8th Battle ■100x Ability Ticket, 1x Gold Opener
9th Battle ■6x Mystic Tablet
10th Battle ■1x Summon Ticket
11th Battle ■800x Magicite
Final Battle ■2x Summon Ticket

2nd Loop and onwards
Rewards for the 2nd Loop and beyond will receive the following items.

1st Battle ■1x Overbooster-J
2nd Battle ■1x Prismatic Fractal - HP Up +7%
3rd Battle ■6x Mystic Tablet
4th Battle ■1x Overbooster-J, 1x Gold Opener
5th Battle ■1x Prismatic Fractal - Attack Up +7%
6th Battle ■300x Magicite
7th Battle ■1x Overbooster-J
8th Battle ■1x Prismatic Fractal - Break Power Up +7%
9th Battle ■50x Ability Ticket
10th Battle ■1x Overbooster-J, 1x Gold Opener
11th Battle ■1x Prismatic Fractal - Magic Up +7%
Final Battle ■1x Summon Ticket

Phantasmic Loop: Endless War 3 Clear Campaign

Campaign Period
Sunday, December 1, 7:00 pm to
Friday, December 13, 6:59 pm PST (UTC-8)

During the campaign period, clear the first circuit of Phantasmic Loop: Endless War 3 and get 1x Summon Ticket; clear a second circuit and receive yet another 1x Summon Ticket!
Combined with the rewards gained from two circuits' worth of treasure chests, you can obtain up to 8x Summon Tickets in all!

If you were previously unable to beat the Loop, why not take up the challenge once again with all the new jobs, weapons, and abilities you've gained since then?
And if you've never played it before, this is the perfect opportunity!

*Players who have already cleared a second circuit prior to the start of this campaign will receive 2x Summon Tickets in their present box once the campaign begins.

Regarding Rewards for Phantasmic Loop: Endless War 3
From December 13, 7:00 pm PST (UTC-8) onwards, you will still be able to continue playing the Phantasmic Loop: Endless War 3 region, but rewards for clearing each of the areas will no longer be available.

For participants already in progression of the Phantasmic Loop: Endless War 3 prior to December 13, 6:59 pm PST (UTC-8):
If you were in the progress of completing the Loop, you will still be able to obtain the rewards until the circuit is completed. However, once you begin a new Loop, you will no longer be able to obtain rewards for clearing the areas.

For new participants in the Phantasmic Loop: Endless War 3 from December 13, 7:00 pm PST (UTC-8) or thereafter:
Exclusively for first-timers, you will be able to receive rewards for clearing each area around the circuit until the first Loop is completed. However, you will no longer be able to obtain rewards for clearing the areas once you begin the 2nd Loop.