• 2019.11.04 NEWS
    [Nov 2019] Cocoon Aviator & PSICOM Officer Increased Draw Rate Greater Summon!

In commemoration of the FFXIII Legend job quest release, the
Increased Draw Rate Greater Summon will be commenced!

The featured jobs are Cocoon Aviator & PSICOM Officer!
Additionally, the summon rate will be increased 1.5% than normal!
If a job card is summoned and the featured card has not been obtained, you will be guaranteed the featured job card, when summoned within the 6 cards.
(Featured cards will not be summoned as a 7th card.)

Let's check out the details!


Monday, November 4, 7:00 pm to
Sunday November 10, 6:59 pm PST (UTC-8)

During this period, you can draw from the event banner.
You will summon 6 ability cards.
Out of the 6 cards, there is a chance at drawing the featured Legend job card.

An Ultimate Hero, Supreme card, or a Legend job may also be drawn at a fixed rate.
The Cocoon Aviator and PSICOM Officer will not be summoned as a 7th card.

For this banner, a special Limit Counter B will be used.
The Limit Counter B will solely be used for this banner, may not be carried over, and the counter will not decrease if a greater summon is performed from other banners.

*Please review the summon information page for details.

Featured Job Cards
Cocoon Aviator
Job Type:

Multiplayer Role:
Cold Blood
Single-target and area attack. Fire two pistols, punching holes in foes like a honeycomb.
PSICOM Officer
Accessory: Nabaat Specs
Job Type:

Multiplayer Role:
Sadistic Drive
Single-target and area attack. Charge fiercely and leave foes six feet under.