• 2019.10.30 Event
    [Oct 2019] Limited-Time Event: A Samhain Sortie begins!

To make Halloween happen, you'll have to sate the faeries!
Limited-time event A Samhain Sortie begins!

The stage is set for Halloween in Palamecia!
But it seems it's not only the faeries who are excited for the celebration...

Let's check out the details!



Thursday, October 31, 8:00 pm PDT (UTC-7) to
Sunday, November 10, 6:59 pm PST (UTC-8)

Trick or Treat♪
In this event, Jack O' Tender will appear on your way between each area and summon Halloween faeries!

These faeries will wheedle you for candy.
And by "candy," they mean sweet, round, colorful...elements!
In other words, the faeries will be asking you to give them elements as treats.

If you give them elements, something very good might happen
In addition, the more variety of elements you give, the more extravagant your rewards may be!
But what happens if you don't even have one single element...?
Well, that's for you to find out!

Cactuar Fusion?!
At the end of each area, the cornered Jack O' Tender will call forth some cactuars.
With the costumed Cactuar at its center, these pesky cactuar can fuse together or split apart!
The fused-form Gigantuar will use a super-powerful Ultimate attack, but Break him and he will split back apart into individual cactuars afterward.
To avoid his devastating Ultimate, be sure to have a deck with high breaking power!

Keep a Mindful Eye on their HP!
The Gigantuar is difficult to defeat...BUT take a close look at its HP!
This Gigantuar's total HP ratio is determined by how much HP remains on the individual cactuars!

Upon separation, shaving off each of the cactuars' HP equally will result in the Gigantuar's HP ratio to be lower upon fusion!
This also goes vice versa! If you're able to shave off Gigantuar's HP, the individual cactuars' HP will be lower upon separation and this may be your chance to defeat them all at once!
But don't let your guard down even when they're separated!

When all of the cactuars are defeated, leaving only the costumed Cactuar, it will raise the KO'd cactuars at the end of their turn!
If this happens, the HP ratio on the Gigantuar upon fusing together will also go back up so be sure to pay close attention!