• 2019.10.10 Event
    [Oct 2019] The Rift - New Area Added!


Rise to a new challenge---
A brand-new region has been added to The Rift!

By conquering areas of The Rift, you can acquire a super powerful card that rivals even a Supreme card!

This time in the new region, you can obtain obtain an extreme card that reminds you of that Ranger-type Supreme card!

Extreme Anima X
Extreme Dark Sphere X
Ranger supreme ability - Area dark attack (multistrike overkill). Adds Scattershot (some attacks multiply based on number of foes) and Fortune (raises potency based on number of boons on self).

In addition, this region is chock-full of treasure items that will aid you in your adventure!
Let's check out the details!!

Release Date
Friday, October 11, 8:00 pm PDT (UTC-7)

The Rift: Extreme Anima can be accessed from the Act II world map once The Rift: Ifrit is progressed to a certain point.

Select The Rift: Extreme Anima from the Act II world map to play.
* The Rift will be available as a normal region with no time period limitations.

The most important things in The Rift are Keys and Cores.
We'll explain the Keys and Cores below.

Collecting keys will allow you to open treasure chests.
In these chests, you will find items such as Summon Tickets, Skillseed bundles, and Crystals to help you in your adventures!
Summon Ticket treasure chests may be opened up to 6 times maximum, and "?" treasure chests up to 3 times maximum.
Contents of the "?" chest will change each time it is opened!

As for the other treasure chests, they are infinite access! You can make repeated runs, and so long as you collect keys, you can keep collecting treasure.

Rainbow Key
In The Rift, there are treasure chests that are unlocked by Rainbow Keys.
These treasure boxes contain cores that can be used in that region, and not only that, but these chests can be unlocked an unlimited number of times!
You'll become that much closer to obtaining that super powerful card!

Rainbow Keys will be given out as ranking event rewards.
There may also be future events and campaigns in which Rainbow Keys are obtainable.

* Obtained cores may look different from the image shown above, depending on the region.

The obtained Cores will unlock areas within The Rift that allows you to proceed further.
In the end of completing all the areas, you will acquire a super powerful card that rivals even a Supreme card!

Using Mystic Tablets will unlock areas where Keys and Cores can be obtained.
*Mystic Tablets can be obtained in daily missions and as a gift from the Mobius Gift Box.
There are areas with various difficulty levels, so be sure to gather Keys and Cores in the area that matches your level.

Hunting Grounds & Gilgamesh's Hunting Grounds
In The Rift, there is the Hunting Grounds and Gilgamesh's Hunting Grounds areas.

In the Hunting Grounds area, the cost is 10 times more at 30x Mystic Tablets, but you also obtain 10 times more Keys and Cores than normal, which saves a lot of time!

In the Gilgamesh's Hunting Grounds I area, no Mystic Tablets are required, but 1x Gilgamesh's Pass will be consumed to challenge and obtain cores. In addition, using 5x Gilgamesh's Pass unlocks the Gilgamesh's Hunting Grounds V area, which gives 5x more cores than normal!
Furthermore, Gilgamesh's Pass will be purchasable with gil at the Item Shop!
There is a limit to how many can be purchased in a day, so don't forget to stop by the Item Shop!

The Rift will be implementing additional regions. Please look forward to future updates!