• 2019.09.30 NEWS
    [Oct 2019] Limited-Time Event: Ultimate Coliseum Returns!

The past heroes have gathered in Palamecia one again!
The Ultimate Coliseum has returned!

The participants will include Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Lightning, Y'shtola, Tidus, Yuna, and Tifa Lockhart! (Total 7)

All the participating heroes are extremely powerful!
But are they friend...or foe...?
Let the battle tournament to end all battle tournaments begin!!


Tuesday, October 1, 8:00 pm PDT (UTC-7) to
Sunday, December 1, 6:59 pm PST (UTC-8)

Return Commemoration Gift!
In commemoration of the returning Ultimate Coliseum event, login during the above period and receive Excalibur ★1, Excalipoor ★1, and "Cancel that!" sticker as a gift!
Excalibur and Excalipoor can be enhanced with each difficulty level in the Ultimate Coliseum and Underground Coliseum tournament you win (first clear only).

The sticker "Cancel that!" can be used to order AIs in Multiplayer to Cancel a Command!

* If you are already in possession of Excalibur / Excalipoor, duplicates will not be provided.
* The stronger version of the weapon will be prioritized to remain in your inventory.
For example, if you have a maximum enhanced Excalibur prior to this event, it will not be replaced with the new one you could obtain during this period.

Party up with the Ultimate Heroes!
Here in this Ultimate Coliseum, you get to team up with an Ultimate Hero!
Go berserk in the coliseum with the Ultimate Hero!!
Form a powerful tag team and give the enemy a punishing they'll never forget!!

Battle against the Ultimate Heroes!
You can also battle against the Ultimate Heroes in the tournament battle and you won't know who your opponent will be until the last minute!
Any of the Ultimate Heroes can work their way up to the final round!
Survive through heated, desperate battles and seize the glory of victory!

With this times Ultimate Coliseum, you will now receive an achievement!

How to Participate
Select Ultimate Coliseum from the Act II world map.

Preliminary match begins!
First, select the character and organize your deck to participate in the preliminary battle!
In order to proceed to the main tournament, you will team up with other Ultimate Heroes that are participating in the Ultimate Coliseum.

But don't let your guard down! The Ultimate Hero you've teamed up with in the preliminary match could become your opponent in the next main tournament...!

Main Tournament
After you have cleared the preliminary match, prepare for main battle! You will be selected to battle against the Ultimate Hero!
The competition chart will be decided randomly. In other words, you won't know who your opponent is until the last minute!

Once you have cleared a tournament, a new character will be participating in the preliminary match!
New heroes will be unlocked by clearing each of the preliminary battles for proceeding to the main tournament, so use various heroes to work your way up!

Same battle tactics...?!
The Ultimate Hero who is now your opponent will use various abilities during battle.
Make sure you are watchful of its Ultimate gauge because if it reaches 99, it will release an extraordinary powerful attack!
The Ultimate gauge is indicated above the HP gauge.

In the high-difficulty tournament, the Ultimate Heroes will use extremely powerful abilities, so be prepared to face a fierce battle...!!

* Adjustments have been made to the powers and effects for certain abilities that the enemies may use.

When you win a battle at the Ultimate Coliseum, you will obtain the item, Victory Blazon.

Treasure boxes that can be opened with Victory Blazons include a Summon Ticket, Extranger, and more wonderful items!
Any tournaments cleared can be challenged again, so you can gather up Victory Blazons from the tournaments that meet your desired level!

Underground Coliseum

Tuesday, October 1, 8:00 pm PDT (UTC-7) to
Sunday, December 1, 6:59 pm PST (UTC-8)

Main Tournament
The Underground Coliseum will have no preliminary matches and will proceed immediately to the main tournament!
This time, the heroes who are participating have somewhat of an odd presence...!?
This group may be a bit peculiar from the Ultimate Heroes, but may lead you to an extremely complicated and severe battle nonetheless!

At the Underground Coliseum, you can obtain fabulous prizes such as Summon Tickets, Mystic Tablets, and Growstars!
Once you've cleared a tournament, you can repeatedly challenge the same difficulty to match your level and obtain rewards!

Try your best as a limited-time achievement will be provided to the champion!

Once Cleared...
After you have cleared the Underground Coliseum, the challenge area will appear.
In this area, you can challenge an Ultimate Hero one-on-one!
Will you rise to the challenge when an Ultimate Hero calls you out for battle...?

Furthermore, we have info that more additional Heroes may be joining the fray....?!

As well as the tournament, champions for the challenge area will also receive a limited-time achievement!