• 2019.08.30 NEWS
    [Sep 2019] The Hunt: Pandemonium - New Areas Added!

Defeat demons, get magicite!
A new area has been added to The Hunt: Pandemonium!

Various enemies that debuted in the Warrior of Despair storyline await in Pandemonium!
Defeating them in each Normal and Hard mode areas will reward you with magicite!

The new monsters added this time are Neslug and Ogre!

And of course, you will receive extra magicite with new monster bonuses

Let's take a look!

About Pandemonium
You can access The Hunt: Pandemonium region from the Act II world map.

The foes that appear in Pandemonium Normal / Hard mode areas are incredibly durable but low in attack power and the enemy's HP gradually decreases up to a certain point. Even if you're not used to battling with these foes, you can take your time to knock them down at your own pace.

Defeating the enemies in each Normal and Hard mode areas will reward you with magicite!
This region will also announce how many turns it took to clear an area. This means that you can try various combinations on your deck to test out your powers!


Release Date: 9/1 8:00 pm PDT (UTC-7)

Neslug Breeding Grounds will be available from the above time.
Neslug is protected by a large shell, and will retreat into it if it suffers an onslaught of attacks from the player.
While hiding, Neslugs take reduced damage. Moreover, if the player continues attacking it in this state, it will retreat even further into its shell, becoming even harder to damage and defeat. To prevent it from remaining in its shell, refrain from attacking continuously and allow the Neslug to take actions!

Release Date: 9/16 8:00 pm PDT (UTC-7)

Ogre Breeding Grounds will be available from the above time.
When Ogres go Berserk, their abilities morph into more powerful versions, including abilities that can inflict the Unguard status. Use an ability or ultimate with a Dispel effect to get rid of the Berserk status.

Enemies grow more powerful with each area!
Enemies will receive various special effects in Pandemonium, some of which may change depending on the difficulty.
For instance, the Big Eye Challenge Area will feature an extremely short countdown for Doom, and you will be unable to Break in Giga Worm's Hard mode.

Great for earning Magicite!
In Pandemonium, monsters in Normal areas are guaranteed to drop 15 magicite and monsters in Hard mode are guaranteed to drop 35 magicite.
Furthermore, each type of monster has its own magicite drop area and when this is unlocked, the number of magicite drops will increase for all the areas in The Hunt: Pandemonium!
The extra number of magicite drop within Pandemonium will appear with the following icon.

[Regarding magicite drops within The Hunt: Pandemonium]

*You may also receive additional magicite aside from the normal drop from defeating enemies and guarantee campaign drops.
* Magicite obtained in Pandemonium will accumulate towards your monthly magicite quota. You can verify the current free magicite obtained by going to the ETC -> Magicite Purchase Info.
* There will be no increase in magicite from changing your Battle Difficulty within the settings. (ETC -> Config)
* The magicite drop increase will be exclusive for the Pandemonium region.

Challenge Area
After clearing all areas in Hard mode will unlock the Challenge Area.
In this area there will be no guaranteed magicite, but compared to the Normal/Hard mode, the foes are spiced up even more!
The enemy's HP will not be decreasing as you battle here, so it may be a fierce battle challenge indeed!

New Monster Bonuses

Bonus Monsters

Neslug - Bonus Period
Sunday, September 1, 8:00 pm to
Monday, September 16, 7:59 pm PDT (UTC-7)

Ogre - Bonus Period
Monday, September 16, 8:00 pm to
Tuesday, October 1, 7:59 pm PDT (UTC-7)

Bonus Summary
The amount of magicite you can obtain in Pandemonium with the new target monsters implemented in Normal/Hard mode areas will be increased!

During this bonus period for the hunting region Pandemonium, the target monsters for both Normal and Hard mode areas will drop extra magicite!

If the Normal mode area drops 15 magicite and the Hard mode area drops 35 magicite...
during the bonus period, you will receive a total of 25 magicite for Normal and a total of 60 magicite in the Hard mode area!!
Make sure you hunt these target monsters down during the bonus period!