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    [Aug 2019] 3rd Anniversary Campaign Begins!

On August 3, 2016, a new era of mobile RPG gaming dawned upon the world. Three years have passed since then...
It's the 3rd Anniversary of Mobius FF's global release!!
We are grateful to all the players out there who have supported us. Thank you!!

To celebrate, here we go with the start of the 3rd Anniversary Campaign!!!
There are a mountain of beneficial campaigns waiting for you - don't miss them!
Time to party!

A Free Supreme Ticket!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 1, 8:00 pm to
Sunday, August 18, 7:59 pm PDT (UTC-7)

As a token of appreciation to our long-time dedicated players as well as all newcomers, we are sending out 1x FREE Supreme Ticket!!!!!!!

During the same period mentioned above, we will begin the Supreme Card Summon / Ultimate Heroes Summon, where the Supreme Ticket can be used.
Choose wisely to see which one you want! For details, please see the Supreme Card Summon article.

Special Login Bonus!

Thursday, August 1, 1:00 am to
Saturday, August 17, 12:59 am PDT (UTC-7)

As heartfelt thanks to all of our players, we are having a special login bonus in which you can obtain up to 14x Summon Tickets and a maximum 2x Growstars!!

Upon your first login of the campaign period, the Special Login Bonus will begin!
This is separate from the normal login bonus sheet so you're basically getting double bonuses!

* Obtained this special login Bonus sheet. Once obtained, even if it passes over the campaign period, you may still continue to obtain bonuses until the sheet is completed.
* You will not receive a Growstar for completion of the Special Login Bonus sheet.

Mobius 3rd Anniversary Week!

Thanks to your support, MOBIUS FF has now reached its 3rd Anniversary!

Special Mobius 3rd Anniversary Week!
It's here!!!

In appreciation of your loyalty, we've got various gifts and bonuses galore, ready to send out to you!

Thursday, August 1, 1:00 am to
Tuesday, August 13, 12:59 pm PDT (UTC-7)
Campaign Details

1. A different gift each day!
Upon first login each day, you will be sent 1x Elixir & 1x Phoenix Down!
In addition, during this campaign period only, you will receive a different daily gift!

Day 1: Fire and Water skillseeds, 888,888x each & Fire and Water Pneuma, 8x each
Day 2: Wind and Earth skillseeds, 888,888x each & Wind and Earth Pneuma, 8x each
Day 3: Light and Dark skillseeds, 888,888x each & Light and Dark Pneuma, 8x each
Day 4: 8x Gigantuar Bulb
Day 5: 3,000,000 Gil
Day 6: 88x Ability Ticket
Day 7: 30x Crystal
Day 8: 3x Summon Ticket
Day 9: 30x Mystic Tablet
Day 10: 8x Extranger
Day 11: 8x Elixir
Day 12: 8x Phoenix Down

Use these beneficial gifts wisely to enjoy adventuring to the fullest!

2. Full Stamina Recovery +88 Upon Date Change Each Day!
During this period, with every date change your stamina will be fully restored! In addition, you will receive an additional 88 stamina on top of that!
Stamina in both Single Player and Multiplayer are affected. Make sure to use up all your stamina before the date changes!

But wait - there's more!! August 8 is double eight, a super special MOBIUS Day!
So only when you log in on August 8, you'll receive full stamina recovery + 888 extra!
Now you can definitely play Mobius FF all day and all night!!

3. Double Stamina Recovery From Elixirs!
When you use elixirs during this period, you will recover double the maximum stamina!
* The amount of stamina recovered over time or through gaining a level will not be doubled.

4. 4x Seed Bonuses in Materials Zone!
Seed bonuses are normally double in the Yggdrasil: Materials Zone, but it will now be quadruple for all elements!
Also in this Material Zone, each element's Skillseed and Extra Skills bonus was 20% but will be increased to 40% for all elements during this period!
This will make it super easy to unlock job panels and set your Custom Skills!

5. 20% Greater Fusion Success Rate!
Fusion success rates will be increased by increased by 20%!
* Both seed fusions and ability fusions will be affected.
* Percentage chance displayed upon card fusion will already have the 20% increase reflected.
Please note the chance will not increase an additional 20% above the number displayed.

6. Level 2 Ability Card Drops!
During this period, all cards dropped from enemies will be Level 2 Ability!
Now it'll be super easy to raise your ability level!

7. Increased Extra Skill Unlock Rate!
During this period, Extra Skill unlock rates will be increased in all regions!
The extra skills of abilities are easier to unlock now, so try to get them all!
* Please note that you can not unlock extra skills in the Chaos Vortex challenge region.

8. Pleiades Lagoon Fully Unlocked!
Normally, you can only visit certain areas of Pleiades Lagoon, which differ each day.
But during Mobius Week, all areas will be accessible!
Now you can easily obtain valuable cards such as Pneumas of all elemental affinities!

Mobius Gift Box Purchase Appreciation Rewards & Stamp Gift!

Thursday, August 1, 1:00 am to
Sunday, September 1, 12:59 am PDT (UTC-7)

For our dedicated players who have continued to purchase Mobius Gift Boxes, we will be presenting you with a special reward of appreciation based on the number of Mobius Gift Box purchases made.
See below for reward details!

# of PurchasesRewards
[Tier 1]
1 - 2
■36x Ability Ticket
[Tier 2]
3 - 5
■1x Growstar
■124x Ability Ticket
[Tier 3]
6 - 9
■2x Growstar
■212x Ability Ticket
■8X Mystic Tablet
[Tier 4]
10 - 11
■3x Growstar
■300x Ability Ticket
■16x Mystic Tablet
■4x Extranger
[Tier 5]
12 - 23
■3x Growstar
■300x Ability Ticket
■16x Mystic Tablet
■4x Extranger
"I Love Mobius!" Stamp (3rd Anniversary Version)
■2x Summon Ticket
[Tier 6]
24 - 35
■3x Growstar
■300x Ability Ticket
■16x Mystic Tablet
■4x Extranger
■"I Love Mobius!" Stamp (3rd Anniversary Version)
■2x Summon Ticket
■24x Rainbow Key
[Tier 7]
36 +
■3x Growstar
■300x Ability Ticket
■16x Mystic Tablet
■4x Extranger
"I Love Mobius!" Stamp (3rd Anniversary Version)
■2x Summon Ticket
■24x Rainbow Key
■36x Overbooster-J

Additionally, those who have purchased a Mobius Gift Box more than 12 times will receive the 3rd anniversary ver. stamp, "I Love Mobius!" below!

Additional Stamp Gifts!
Login during the following dates to receive your FREE stamps!

Stamp: Congrats! (3rd Anniversary version)
8/1 1:00 am - 9/1 12:59 am PDT (UTC-7)

Stamp: Go Away!
8/1 8:00 pm - 9/1 7:59 pm PDT (UTC-7)

Use Your Stamp to Revive!
You can use both 3rd Anniversary stamps and the Sophie stamp to revive yourself once per battle in multiplayer.
Importantly, using the stamp to revive will not impact the No Death Reward!
In other words, even if you die, you can use this stamp and still be eligible for the No Death Reward!
For more details, check out the "FFVIII Collaboration Squall Leonhart Appears in Multiplayer" news.

Free Anniversary Card

Distribution Period

Thursday, August 1, 8:00 pm to
Sunday, September 1, 7:59 pm PDT (UTC-7)

Login during this period and receive the following special ability card illustrated by the character designer Gen Kobayashi known from "The World Ends with You"!

Warriors of Despair
Support ability - Adds Quicken, Weakness Weapon, and draws 16 element orbs.

Make sure you take advantage of this card♪

31 Days of Free Summons
By popular demands, we are presenting "this" event!
3rd Anniversary - 31 Days of Free Summons!

8/1 1:00 am - 9/1 12:59 am PDT (UTC-7)

During this period, you will be able to draw 1 free single summon per day...again, absolutely FREE!
Please see the following available cards.

[Job Card]
Up to the most recent Legend job
*The new Legend job that will be added to the lineup on 8/16 8:00 pm PDT (UTC-7) will also be available for summon.
For additional details, please go to the summon Info page.

[Ability Card]
All ability cards available in the lineup
*The fare-well cards will be excluded.
*The new ability cards that will be added to the lineup on 8/16 8:00 pm PDT (UTC-7) will also be available for summon.
For additional details, please go to the summon Info page.

[Supreme Card]
Any Supreme card up to release of Griever: FFVIII

[Ultimate Heroes]
Any Ultimate Heroes up to release of Squall Leonhart

Beginning 8/23, under certain conditions, the number of summons you can perform will be increased!
*For additional details, you can go to the 3rd Anniversary Welcome Back Campaign news.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all the continued support to make the 2nd year possible.
We hope everyone enjoys all the special campaigns we have prepared!