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    [Aug 2019] FFVIII Collaboration Event: The Sleeping Lion - Episode 1, Part 1 Released!


Past, present, future...there is a magic which distorts all time and space - "Time Compression".
Cast by an evil sorceress in some far distant universe, its warping effect has reached even Palamecia...

To celebrate Mobius FF's 3rd anniversary, we bring you
FFVIII Collaboration Event: The Sleeping Lion!

The fates of those who were originally never intended to meet now become meshed in time, creating a new story.

From the visuals to the music, and an all-new story, the development team has really poured their souls into this one!
Please experience for yourself and enjoy this "other story"!


Event Period
Thursday, August 1, 8:00 pm to
Friday, November 1, 7:59 pm PDT (UTC-7)

August Release Schedule
■Episode 1 - Part 1
8/1 8:00 pm PDT (UTC-7)

■Episode 1 - Part 2
8/8 8:00 pm PDT (UTC-7)

■Episode 2 - Part 1
8/15 8:00 pm PDT (UTC-7)

How to Participate
Select FFVIII The Sleeping Lion: Episode 1, Part 1 from the ACT 2 world map to enter region.

New Ultimate Hero
FFVIII & Mobius FF collaboration commemoration!
During this period, when you enter the special event region FFVIII The Sleeping Lion: Episode 1, Part 1, you will receive the story version Ultimate Hero - Squall and ★1 Revolver as a gift!
The ★1 Revolver can be upgraded up to a ★4 as you progress through the story in the FFVIII collaboration region - The Sleeping Lion.

Squall cannot be obtained through any summoning banners so be sure to receive your very own special version of Squall during this event period!
* The above is a concept image only, and not how the actual card will look.

Job Type:
Single-target attack. Hunt down your prey and leave it in pieces.

In addition to the auto-abilities from its respective jobs, Squall's ability Haste Starter, Skillseed Up, and Ability Salvo will be stacked!

The Ultimate adds Warrior's Trance II, Brave, Haste, Snipe, Prismatic Shift to self, and then lowers Break defense of a single target!

You will be required to set the Ultimate Hero: Squall within your main Deck in order to progress through FFVIII The Sleeping Lion: Episode 1, part 1.
Let's try this now and go to Cards -> Decks -> select your job as Ultimate Hero Squall!
*You can also use the Ultimate Hero "Squall Leonhart" which can be summned from the lineup.

For details on how to switch a job to an Ultimate Hero, please select tab ETC -> Help -> Advanced Guide -> Ultimate Heroes.

Battle System
A new battle system called Draw will be introduced for the FFVIII collaboration event.

Using Draw during battle will stock up enemy abilities, which can be used by selecting Cast.

Within the FFVIII collaboration region, you can perform Draw from almost all enemies. Some foes have very powerful abilities so be sure to Draw them and use them to your advantage!

Viewing Enemy Abilities that could be Drawn
Let's check to see what kind of abilities the enemy has.
During battle, select TARGET VIEW which will show what ability can be drawn underneath their HP gauge.
The abilities that can be drawn are all effective so if there are any that you favor, keep using the Draw feature!

Confirm the Drawn Ability
The effect of the drawn ability could be confirmed by holding down the Draw button.
The Drawn abilities are powerful than normal and some may be super rare...?!

Use the Ability after "Draw"
By selecting Draw, a list of drawn abilities will appear. This can then be used with Cast.
Your action counters will not be consumed by Draw/Cast, but each drawn ability has a limit of usage. The limit in using the abilities drawn can is shown next to each of the ability names.
You can only Cast abilities that was drawn within that same area.
Draw/Cast can still be used when there are multiple sets of battle per area, so plan out the timing on when to Cast the abilities!

In order to proceed with the battles smoothly, we recommend the Draw & Cast option!
This will immediately use the ability that has been drawn.

Draw Point
As you advance through the story, there are areas that are locked to prevent you from proceeding.
If this happens, search for a Draw Point like the image shown below.
You will be able to unlock these areas by drawing from enemies with the same element as the Draw Point.

SeeD Rank
For the FFVIII collaboration event, rewards will vary depending on your SeeD rank!
The SeeD Rank will increase after completing various objectives.

Rinoa Echo
In celebration of the FFVIII collaboration, a very charming Rinoa Echo will be sent as a gift!
Be sure to take her along on your journey♪

Distribution Date: 8/1 8:00 pm - 11/1 7:59 pm PDT (UTC-7)