• 2019.06.28 Event
    [Jul 2019] Summer Resort: Melon Mashing 2019!

It's summer! That means it's watermelon mashing time!
The Palamecia summer event....
Summer Resort: Melon Mashing 2019
is here!
*Melon Mashing is a Japanese summer activity that is similar to a Piñata!
Crack open that watermelon at the summer beach and obtain rewards♪

Monday, July 1, 8:00 p.m. to
Monday, July 8, 7:59 pm PDT (UTC-7)


Use the Melon Mashing Ticket to Participate!
Unlock the route by using a Melon Mashing Ticket! These tickets will be delivered to your Present Box once per day (total 7 tickets), beginning 7/1 8:00 p.m. with the last ticket being distributed on 7/8 12:59 am PDT (UTC-7).

No worries if you forget to login every day!
As long as you login during this event, you can still collect for the days missed. Just be sure to use them up by the ending period!

Don't stop until you see a watermelon!
Heading straight towards the goal, stop by the "winning watermelon"! may not be able to walk straight because of the Melon Mashing blindfold.
Will you be able to split the melon in half...!?

Join in the fun by using the Melon Mashing Tickets!
Obtain magicite by defeating the Melon Bombs that sometimes appear!
Magicite are a guarantee drop from them!

* Magicite obtained in the Summer Resort: Melon Mashing by defeating the Melon Bombs are not included in the "Monthly 20,000 limit" but they may also drop the general magicite at a set rate which may be added towards the monthly limit. (Magicite obtained for the month can be viewed at ETC tab -> Magicite Purchase Info.)

Meet the Festive Gigantuar!
Gigantuars that love summer festivities may sometimes appear before you at the beach.
Defeat the Gigantuar in its festive mood and obtain fabulous rewards...!