• 2019.05.15 NEWS
    [May 2019] Boosted Greater Summon Featuring Serah!?

She appears in Palamecia from the world of FFXIII!
New EX ability card, Gigant X has also been added to the lineup!

FFXIII Boosted Greater Summon Featuring Serah!?

Let's check out the details!

New Sarah Legend Job
Paradox Wanderer for Sarah has been added to the lineup.

*The above is a concept image only, and not how the actual card will look.

Paradox Wanderer
Accessory: Coccoon Pendant
Job Type:

Multiplayer Role:
Breaker & Supporter
Ultima Arrow
Area attack. May Etro strike down your foes!

The Paradox Wanderer is a Sarah exclusive Legend job.

With Prismatic Return & Prismatic Element Starter, she has the elements covered!
Mage Lore allows the use of mage abilities, even as a ranger job.
Water Element is her forte, and because she also has Exploit Weakness, she is super effective against fire-based enemies!

Flash Break, Piercing Break, and Quick Break also benefit from the effects of Exploit Weakness,
giving her high breaking power, too.

Her Ultimate adds Ranger's Trance, Barrier, Wall, and Resist-All to self, then dishes out damage to all enemies.
Lastly, she carries out Prismatic Shift to be ready for the next round!

Thursday, May 16, 8:00 pm to
Friday, May 31, 7:59 pm PDT (UTC-7)

During this period, you can draw from the event banner.

You will summon 6 ability cards.
Out of the 6 cards, there is a chance at drawing a job card.
Ultimate Heroes, Supreme card, or a Legend job may also be drawn at a fixed rate.

*Please review the summon information page for details.

New Boosted Ability Cards
The following new ability cards have joined the summoning lineup!
During this period, these 3 cards will have an increased summon rate.
Additionally, you will receive these cards at ★4 with max card level, max ability level, all extra skills unlocked, and all seeds unlocked when summoning them for the first time!


Ranger ability - Area dark attack (multistrike overkill). Adds Painful Break and Exploit Weakness.


Monk ability - Area light attack (multistrike overkill). Adds Painful Break and Exploit Weakness.

Support ability - Adds Windforce and Windshift+ to self and Weaken to target.

The ability scrolls for these new cards will be available in the Item Exchange in multiplayer during this event period!

New EX Ability Card
Gigant X
Brave X
Support ability - Recovers HP. Adds Brave II (greatly increases attack) and Boost (Increases Break power).

New EX ability card, Gigant X has arrived!
Gigant X includes the newly implemented ability, Brave II!
This powerful version of Brave will increase your attack power tremendously.
In addition, you can use Boost on self to increase your Break Power!

Summon the Ultimate Heroes!
If summoned, you are extremely lucky!
When you set this card in your deck as a job card, you can transform into that character while adventuring through Palamecia!
When summoning an Ultimate Hero, it will be summoned as an additional card.
Job Type:
Army of One ∞
Single-target and area attack. Cut through enemies with lightning speed.
Cloud Strife
Job Type:
Omnislash ∞
Single-target and area attack. Nullifies enemy boons.
Job Type:
Octaslash ∞
Single-target and area attack. Blades of despair strike from all sides at high speed.
Job Type:
Spiritual Ray ∞
Area attack. Gather the energies of the stars and shoot forth a piercing ray of light.
Job Type:
Blitz Ace ∞
Single-target and area attack. Blitz for the goal!
Job Type:
The Sending ∞
Area attack. Quell the spirits of monsters and send them to the Farplane.
Tifa Lockhart
Job Type:
Final Heaven ∞
Single-target and area attack. Sometimes only a good punch is needed to bring the heavens crashing down.
Job Type:
Rift Breaker ∞
Single-target attack. Make 'em cry until they've got no tears left!

* Ultimate Hero cards can be summoned in limited-time Greater Card Summons as well as through Card Summons.
* Ultimate Hero cards are not limited-time offers, and will continue to be available in any summon including Ultimate Hero cards.

Ultimate Heroes are the manifestations of heroes from another world! They are cast on appearance on a job you currently possess, changing you into an Ultimate Hero!
Basic parameters will all be based on the set job with additional auto-abilities carried over from the Ultimate Hero.
Ultimate will be extremely powerful and exclusive to that Ultimate Hero.

Supreme Cards Available Through Summoning!

If you summon one of these, you may be supremely lucky!
Supreme cards depicting heroes of the past, equipped with some of the strongest abilities in MOBIUS FF, are continuing to join the summoning lineup!

*If all Supreme cards are already acquired, none of them will be summoned.