• 2019.04.30 NEWS
    [May 2019] Job Quest Legends 3, New Courses Added!

The wait is over!
New courses have been added to Hall of Fame: Legends 3!

This time we have the Unbroken Hero, Hope's Guide, Knight of Etro, and the Last Hunter!
By clearing the quests, each job's status will dramatically increase.
Now, let's go awaken your jobs and obtain their true powers!

Release Date
Wednesday, May 1, 8:00 pm PDT (UTC-7)

Region Access
From the Act II world map select Hall of Fame: Legends 3 to challenge this area.

In the Hall of Fame, by clearing battles you can obtain rare skill cards which can only be found here, such as powerful job-specific Skill Cards!

Unbroken Hero Course
You will primarily obtain Skill Cards used for enhancing the Unbroken Hero.
By equipping the job-specific Skill Card, you will obtain the ability, Flash Break!
Although a Defender role, it will excel at turning the break gauge red.
With Prismatic Return, you can flip the tables around to your advantage!
Defense will also increase, and will be reborn as a well balanced job!

Hope's Guide Course [From 5/8 8:00 pm PDT (UTC-7)]
You will primarily obtain Skill Cards used for enhancing Hope's Guide.
By equipping the job-specific Skill Card, the numerical values for Exploit Weakness.
Attack damage upon inflicting weakness will be increased.
With additions of Piercing Break and Quick Break, you can also count on high Break power!

*Updated: 4/30/19 11:30 am PDT (UTC-7)
The additional ability obtained has been corrected to "Spellsword" instead of "Spellsword Strafe".

Knight of Etro Course [From 5/16 8:00 pm PDT (UTC-7)]
You will primarily obtain Skill Cards used for enhancing the Knight of Etro.
By equipping the job-specific Skill Card, Enhance Light will greatly be increased!
Additional abilities such as Flash Break, and  Spellsword will be obtained!
Increase the power of your Ultimate by exploiting the enemy's weakness!

Last Hunter Course [From 5/23 8:00 pm PDT (UTC-7)]
You will primarily obtain Skill Cards used for enhancing the Last Hunter.
By equipping the job-specific Skill Card, your Improved Criticals will increase greatly!
In addition, as your basic abilities rise, you will have top-class Breaking power even among all other jobs!
Piercing Break and Quick Break will also be obtained.
Use that high Break power to bring the enemy to a speedy end!

What is a Job Quest?

Overcome the obstacles!
In the Hall of Fame, your abilities will be tested to obtain new powers.
These job quests can only be challenged as the specified job, so if you are taking the Warrior quest, you can only challenge it as Warrior. There's no easy way to proceed!

In order to proceed further into the job quests, not only do you need to clear the battles, but you must also clear the missions provided in each area.
Details on the accepted mission can be confirmed from the lock icon or the help screen during battle. Come up with a strategy to face the challenge!

Powerful job-specific Custom Skills!
Job-specific custom skills can be obtained from the job quests to improve jobs to a whole new level.
These skills can be set under job slots located at the very bottom row of the custom skill panel.
These boosts draw out each job's ability to its limit, such as a 50% boost to basic stats!

If you equip each job with its own job-specific custom skills, it may be powerful enough to compete with even the newest jobs!