• 2019.04.30 Event
    [May 2019] FFXIII Collaboration Event: Lightning Resurrection Returns!

Lightning has accomplished many legendary feats in FINAL FANTASY XIII...
However, after drifting to Palamecia, she seems to have lost the spark she once had...
The Lightning Resurrection event has returned again! 
The stage is set where it all began in FFXIII: The Hanging Edge.
The battles here will require you to utilize paradigms to succeed.
Travel across the Crystarium to power up your paradigms and see what new adventures with Lightning await you!

The opening cutscene of Lightning Resurrection will immediately be followed by a battle.
Be sure to check your equipment and setup before you enter the event!
If the battle proves to be too difficult, we've also included the following features to allow you to safely leave the battle and continue with the event.

[Event Progression Features]
・An option has been added to "Give Up" if you are KO'ed in battle
・An option has been added to "Flee" from battle
The above two methods will allow you to leave the battle.

* Using the features above will not affect the cutscenes afterward.

◆How to Play

Event Period
Wednesday, May 1, at 7:00 pm to
Monday, July 1, at 6:59 pm PDT (UTC-7)

Setting Off on Your Journey
The region, Lightning Resurrection will be available on the world map during the event period.

◆System Introduction

A unique battle system will be introduced in Lightning Resurrection.
In this section we will explain the details of this battle system.

Paradigm Battle
1. Unlocking Paradigms
Shortly after the event begins, you will be able to enter the Crystarium.
There, you will be able to unlock paradigms and use them in combat.

2. Types of Paradigms
Paradigms can be used to gain powerful effects in battle.
There are 3 types of paradigms: Commando (increased Attack), Ravager (increased Break Power), and Sentinel (increased Defense).
By using the various paradigms, you can activate special effects obtained through that type.

Examples of obtainable powers:

3. How to use Paradigms
After tapping the Paradigm icon, slide your finger to the paradigm you would like to use.

The activated paradigm will only be active for that turn.
However, you cannot activate multiple paradigms at the same time.
If you activate another paradigm, the previously activated paradigm will have its effects overwritten.

4. Paradigm Use Limit
There is a limit to how many times you can use paradigms when battling in one area.
If a powerful enemy appears after you've used them all up, you'll be in for a rough time, so be careful!

1. Entering the Crystarium

As you proceed through the Hanging Edge, you will eventually be able to enter the Crystarium.
You can enter the Crystarium by tapping the icon at the top of your screen, as shown below.

When you would like to return, tap the icon displayed in the Crystarium.
*By proceeding through the Crystarium you will be able to use the icon to return to the Hanging Edge.

2. Make Your Way Through the Crystarium

In order to proceed through the Crystarium, you will need to open locks on each route.
These locks can be opened by using CP.

But you won't be able to obtain any powers just by opening the lock!
Make sure you tap on the next area to go there!

3. Earning CP
CP can be earned by battling in the Hanging Edge.

You can check how much CP you have through the icon displayed on the top of your area screen.

4. Paradigm Powers
The Crystarium will allow you to obtain the power displayed in each area.

The power you obtain will be colored differently depending on which type of paradigm it affects.
Check the image below for an overview of which color applies to what paradigm.

From the top, they are shared, Commando, Ravager, and Sentinel.
Any power obtained can be viewed through the icon at the top of the screen.

*Green crystals augment all 3 types of paradigm.

5. Paradigm Level

When you reach a certain area, your paradigm level of that type will increase.
As your paradigm level increases, your paradigm name will also change, and the number of times you can use it will increase by 1.
As the limit increases, you will have even more options in battle!

6. Expanding the Crystarium

In order to expand the Crystarium, you will need to proceed through the Hanging Edge.

Area Mechanics
1. Bridges (Ride to Move)

Areas with the bridge icon can be moved to by traveling on the bridge.
The destination area (blue area) is only accessible via the bridge they are connected to. 
They cannot be entered if the bridge is not there.

2. Bridges (Ranged Activation)

The gray bridge icons can be activated from a distance.
There are certain areas that have an activation switch nearby. Once you have reached that area, you can activate the switch to move the bridge.

3. Red Alert

As you proceed through the story, there are times when the area may enter Red Alert.
In Red Alert, unique enemies may attack, and some enemies may adopt new tactics during battle.

You can disable Red Alert by reaching the area with the All-Clear Switch.

There's a Challenge Area, too!
There's still more to do after you clear this event!

In the Gigantuar Battlefield, EXP and Crystals can be obtained efficiently!

Within the Ultimate Realm, you will see formidable enemies in a whole new level. Using your Paradigm to its max is the key to winning this extremely tough battle. Furthermore, 100x Ability Tickets will be rewarded for clearing each area!!

◆Special Login Rewards
Log in during the event period and you'll receive the Blazefire Saber, the FFXIII Stamp "On your feet!", and Ability Card "Lightning: FFXIII★5" in your Present Box!

The Blazefire Saber can be powered up by progressing through the Crystarium.
It can be upgraded up to its fourth form during this event!