• 2019.04.15 Event
    [Apr 2019] Mobius All-Star Battle Extravaganza: Underground Coliseum

Your nemesis appears in the ultimate battle extravaganza!
Underground Coliseum has commenced!
The festivity-loving swordsman, Gilgamesh joins the Underground Coliseum!
Furthermore, powerful enemies appear one after another and the heat of battle is at its climax!

Let's check out the details!



Tuesday, April 16, 8:00 pm to
Friday, May 31, 7:59 PDT (UTC-7)

Underground Coliseum Opening Gift!

Log in during this event period and receive your very own Excalipoor ★1 in celebration of the grand opening!
This weapon will upgrade with every difficulty level you win!

* Excalipoor is a ranger-type weapon.
* If you are already in possession of the same weapon Excalipoor, you cannot receive a duplicate.
* If you already have a higher tier Excalipoor, you will not decrease to the low tier, and the weapon's status will remain as the one already in possession.

Underground Coliseum can be accessed from the ACT II world map.

Main Tournament
The Underground Coliseum will have no preliminary matches and will proceed immediately to the main tournament!
This time, the heroes who are participating have somewhat of an odd presence...!?
This group may be a bit peculiar from the Ultimate Heroes, but may lead you to an extremely complicated and severe battle nonetheless!

At the Underground Coliseum, you can obtain fabulous prizes such as Summon Tickets, Mystic Tablets, and Growstars!
Once you've cleared a tournament, you can repeatedly challenge the same difficulty to match your level and obtain rewards!

Once Cleared...
After you have cleared the Underground Coliseum, the challenge area will appear.
In this area, you can challenge an Ultimate Hero one-on-one!
Will you rise to the challenge when an Ultimate Hero calls you out for battle...?