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    [Mar 2019] March Calendar

March 1
Warrior of Despair Chapter 2, The Calm: Graff
The watchful youth Graff protects the town from dangerous beasts.
A rune's light leads him into a fleeting dream...

Boosted Greater Summon Featuring the Gardien
Until 3/15 7:59 pm PDT (UTC-7)
The knight upholds his own fiery sense of justice.
New Graff Job, Gardien, is here!
New Supreme card Eden: FFVIII has arrived!

March 7
Ultima Weapon Returns to Multiplayer!
Until 3/31 7:59 pm PDT (UTC-7)
The pinnacle of destruction, the Ultima Weapon arrives in multiplayer!
Difficult quests have been added to challenge the Warrior of Light!

EX Job Revival Greater Summon begins! 
Until 3/15 7:59 pm PDT (UTC-7)
Those powerful EX Jobs are back!
For a limited time, the Gambler and the Nightwalker will be added to the lineup!
Get them while you can!

White Day Campaign! 
Until 3/16 12:59 am PDT (UTC-7)
Let's go on an adventure with white fluffy Moogles!
Increase your Extra Skill unlock rate by taking Moogle sprites
on your adventure!

March 8
Any day with an 8 is MOBIUS DAY!
On your first log in of the day, receive full stamina recovery +88,
double stamina recovery from elixirs,
greater fusion success rate, cards dropped at ability level 2,
increased extra skill unlock rate, fully opened Pleiades Lagoon,
Materials zone 2x seed bonuses, and even some special gifts!

March 11
The Rift - A New Sicarius Appears
Fight against Sicariuses and reach new heights!
Shiva has arrived in The Rift!
Obtain the extremely powerful Sicarius cards!

March 15
Warrior of Despair Chapter 2, The Calm Part 2
This peaceful life isn't so bad, even if it is a little mundane...
The Warrior of Light is going about his day, when a large rune lures him...

Boosted Greater Summon Featuring Toreador
Until 4/1 7:59 pm PDT (UTC-7)
His fighting spirit burns red, craving victory over his opponents!
New Graff job, Toreador, is now available!
EX ability cards have also arrived!

New Areas Added in Yggdrasil!
This holy tree watches over the Warrior of Light,
and at times will grant strength...
New area added to the ability enhancement region,

March 18
Any day with an 8 is MOBIUS DAY!
Today is MOBIUS DAY!
Don't miss out on all the special bonuses this day offers!

March 22
Ranking Event: The Witching Hour begins! 
Until 4/1 7:59 pm PDT (UTC-7)
Shadows of the Azure Witch have appeared!
The battle ranking tower, The Witching Hour is here!
Defeat the alluring witch's mirages!

March 26
Job-Specific Super Supreme Summon! 
Until 4/1 7:59 pm PDT (UTC-7)
Ultimate cards for particular job types will be available!
The designated job-type will change, so make sure you don't miss out!
Shop Sale Begins!
Until 4/2 12:59 am PDT (UTC-7)
The shop sale bargain has begun!
All items purchasable with magicite are 20% off!
Phoenix Downs and Elixirs are also sold in bundles!

March 28
Any day with an 8 is MOBIUS DAY!
Today is MOBIUS DAY!
Don't miss out on all the special bonuses this day offers!