• 2019.02.28 Event
    [Mar 2019] Warrior of Despair Chapter 2, The Calm: Graff released!


Introducing the new character, Graff!
Warrior of Despair Chapter 2, The Calm: Graff will be released!

Release Date
Friday, March 1, 7:00 pm PST (UTC-8)

After clearing the Warrior of Despair Chapter 1: A World Adrift (Part 3), the Chapter 2 region for The Calm: Graff will be unlocked.

For Chapter 2, Graff will take over the main role in The Calm: Graff.
Follow as the tale of Graff's new adventure begins!

New Job Added
Graff's new job card, Épéiste can be acquired when you teleport to Chapter 2, The Calm: Graff for the first time.

* The above is a concept image only, and not how the actual card will look.

Job Type:

Multiplayer Role:
Stitch in Time
Single-target attack. Let your blade tell you where it wants to strike.

Épéiste is an exclusive Breaker role job for Graff.

A basic warrior job with relatively high Magic and Break power, it can use Piercing Break and Exploit Weakness to carve away enemy Break gauges, and can Painful Break foes to deal powerful damage!
It also gains access to three elemental setups at higher levels, so is very versatile in battle.

More new jobs will be periodically introduced, so remember to keep your eyes peeled!