• 2019.02.04 Event
    [Feb 2019] Premium Limited Guaranteed Greater Summon

Only limited to TWICE during this period!!
A limited card GUARANTEED
Premium Limited Guaranteed Greater Summon begins!

Let's check out the details!

Please read details below as the greater summon features are specific to this event.

Premium Limited Guaranteed Greater Summon


Tuesday, February 5, 7:00 pm to
Saturday, February 9, 6:59 pm PST (UTC-8)


・This summon will require 5,000 magicite.
・Selecting to summon from the desired banner will draw a total of 7 cards in which the 7th card will be your guaranteed unobtained limited card.
・During the 2/5 7:00 pm - 2/7 6:59 pm PST (UTC-8) period, summon from one (only) of the FFVII (Weapon), FFXIV, and FFXV banners.
・During the 2/7 7:00 pm - 2/9 6:59 pm PST (UTC-8) period, summon from one (only) of the Summer Dream, FFX, and FFXI banners.
・If you are in possession of all the limited cards mentioned in the banner, the 7th card will randomly be selected from one of the ability cards included within the selected series.
・Ultimate Hero, Supreme card, and Legend jobs also have a chance at being sumoned at a fixed rate.

*Please see the summon Info page for addtional details.

・Specific jobs do not have a higher summoning rate.
・Ultimate Heroes and Supreme cards do not have a higher summoning rate.

Limited Card Lineup

2/5 7:00 pm - 2/7 6:59 pm PST (UTC-8)
■FFVII Limited Cards (Weapons)
Diamond Weapon: FFVII
Diamond Flash
Mage ability - Single-target light attack. Lowers defense against Break, draws 16 light orbs, adds Lightforce and dark resistance.
Emerald Weapon: FFVII
Emerald Shot
Monk ability - Single-target wind attack. Lowers defense against Break, draws 16 wind orbs, adds Windforce and earth resistance.
Omega Weapon: FFVII
Omega Drive
Adds Berserk (increases damage at the cost of Defense), Haste (increases actions per turn), Quicken (adds actions to current turn).
Ultima Weapon: FFVII
Ultima Beam
Area light attack (deals 9999 damage). Adds Sleep (cannot act until damaged) and Nightmare (take additional damage while asleep).
Ruby Weapon: FFVII
Ruby Ray
Ranger ability - Single-target fire attack. Lowers defense against Break, draws 16 fire orbs, adds Flameforce and water resistance.
Sapphire Weapon: FFVII
Sapphire Beam
Warrior ability - Single-target water attack. Lowers defense against Break, draws 16 water orbs, adds Waterforce and fire resistance.

■FFXIV Limited Cards
Bahamut: FFXIV
Primal's Boon: Fire
Mage ability - Fire area attack. Draw 16 fire orbs. Adds Flameforce and water resistance.
Primal's Boon: Dark
Warrior ability - Dark area attack. Draw 16 dark orbs. Adds Darkforce and light resistance.
Garuda: FFXIV
The Eye of the Storm
Adds Haste (increases actions per turn), Quicken (adds actions to current turn), and Cleaving Attack (normal attacks hit all enemies).
Titan: FFXIV
Primal's Boon: Earth
Ranger ability - Earth area attack. Draw 16 earth orbs. Adds Earthforce and wind resistance.
Alexander: FFXIV
Primal's Boon: Light
Monk ability - Light area attack. Draw 16 light orbs. Adds Lightforce and dark resistance.
Bismarck: FFXIV
Area attack. Adds Stun (prevents action), Slow (reduces actions per turn), and Debarrier (lowers Defense).

■FFXV Limited Cards
Noctis: FFXV
Warrior ability - Single-target light attack (multistrike). Adds Painful Break and draws 1 light orb.
Prompto: FFXV
Ranger ability - Single-target wind attack (Break focus). Adds Boost, Snipe, and Dispel. Lowers defense against Break and critical resist.
Lunafreya: FFXV
Oracle's Blessing
Restores HP, removes all ailments, increases resistance to all elements. Adds Wall (absorbs damage) and Snipe (increases Crit Chance).
Aranea: FFXV
Warrior ability - Single-target wind attack (multistrike). Adds Stun and Debarrier (lowers Defense).
Gladiolus: FFXV
Warrior ability - Area earth attack. Adds Taunt (forces enemies to attack you), Curse (lowers Magic), and Debrave (lowers Attack).
Ignis: FFXV
Mage ability - Fire area attack (damage focus, multistrike overkill).
Iris: FFXV
Monk ability - Single-target wind attack (multistrike). Adds Taijutsu (Abilities affected by Attack can damage Break Gauges).
Ardyn: FFXV
Sword of the Wise
Warrior ability - Single-target dark attack (multistrike). Adds Painful Break and draws 1 dark orb.

2/7 7:00 pm - 2/9 6:59 pm PST (UTC-8)

■Summer Dream Limited Cards
First Summer
Graceful Wave
Ranger ability - Area water attack (multistrike overkill). Lowers defense against Break. Adds Painful Break.
Tidal Wave
Blazing Sun
Mage ability - Area fire attack (multistrike overkill). Lowers defense against Break. Adds Painful Break.
Shimmering Breeze
Monk ability - Area wind attack (multistrike overkill). Lowers defense against Break. Adds Painful Break.
Tropical Dream
What's So Funny?
Adds Berserk (increases damage at the cost of Defense) and Ultimate Charge.
Moogle's Summer Vacation
Summer Casts Its Spell, Kupo!
Adds Brave (increases Attack) and Haste (increases actions per turn). Increases resistance to all elements.

■FFX Limited Cards
Dona & Barthello: FFX
Tricks of the Trade
Warrior ability - Single-target fire attack (multistrike overkill).
O'aka: FFX
That's me, O'aka XXIII!
Ranger ability - Area dark attack (damage focus).
Yunalesca: FFX
Fetters of Yevon
Mage ability - Area wind attack. Adds Stun, Debrave, and Curse.
Brother: FFX
Get them!
Monk ability - Single-target water attack (damage focus, multistrike overkill).
Maechen: FFX
Perhaps you would...?
Adds Full Dispel (Removes all boons) and Sleep (cannot act until damaged).

■FFXI Limited Cards
Lion: FFXI
Alter Ego: Lion
Ranger ability - Area earth attack. Draws 3 earth element orbs. Adds Earthforce, Earthshift+, and wind resistance.
Prishe: FFXI
Alter Ego: Prishe
Monk ability - Area light attack. Draws 3 light element orbs. Adds Lightforce, Lightshift+, and dark resistance.
Aphmau: FFXI
Alter Ego: Aphmau
Monk ability - Area water attack. Draws 3 water element orbs. Adds Waterforce, Watershift+, and fire resistance.
Kam'lanaut: FFXI
Great Wheel
Warrior ability - Area light attack (multistrike overkill). Adds Painful Break and lowers defense against Break.
Lilisette: FFXI
Alter Ego: Lilisette
Ranger ability - Area wind attack. Draws 3 wind element orbs. Adds Windforce, Windshift+, and earth resistance.
Arciela: FFXI
Alter Ego: Arciela
Mage ability - Area dark attack. Draws 3 dark element orbs. Adds Darkforce, Darkshift+, and light resistance.
Iroha: FFXI
Alter Ego: Iroha
Warrior ability - Area fire attack. Draws 3 fire element orbs. Adds Fireforce, Fireshift+, and water resistance.
Ovjang & Mnejing: FFXI
Monk ability - Single-target fire attack. Adds Taunt, Dispel (removes one type of enhancement), Barrier (increases Defense) and Wall (nullifies damage).

Summon the Ultimate Heroes!
If summoned, you are extremely lucky!
When you set this card in your deck as a job card, you can transform into that character while adventuring through Palamecia!
When summoning an Ultimate Hero, it will be summoned as an additional card.

Job Type:
Army of One ∞
Single-target and area attack. Cut through enemies with lightning speed.
Cloud Strife
Job Type:
Omnislash ∞
Single-target and area attack. Nullifies enemy boons.
Job Type:
Octaslash ∞
Single-target and area attack. Blades of despair strike from all sides at high speed.
Job Type:
Spiritual Ray ∞
Area attack. Gather the energies of the stars and shoot forth a piercing ray of light.
Job Type:
Blitz Ace ∞
Single-target and area attack. Blitz for the goal!
Job Type:
The Sending ∞
Area attack. Quell the spirits of monsters and send them to the Farplane.
Tifa Lockhart
Job Type:
Final Heaven ∞
Single-target and area attack. Sometimes only a good punch is needed to bring the heavens crashing down.

* Ultimate Hero cards and Supreme ability cards can not be summoned at the same time.
* Ultimate Hero cards can be summoned in limited-time Greater Card Summons as well as through Card Summons.
* Ultimate Hero cards are not limited-time offers, and will continue to be available in any summon including Ultimate Hero cards.
Ultimate Heroes are the manifestations of heroes from another world! They are cast on appearance on a job you currently possess, changing you into an Ultimate Hero!
Basic parameters will all be based on the set job with additional auto-abilities carried over from the Ultimate Hero.
Ultimate will be extremely powerful and exclusive to that Ultimate Hero.

Supreme Cards Available Through Summoning!
If you summon one of these, you may be supremely lucky!
Supreme cards depicting heroes of the past, equipped with some of the strongest abilities in MOBIUS FF, are continuing to join the summoning lineup!
When a Supreme card is summoned, it will be summoned as an additional card.

*If all Supreme cards are already acquired, none of them will be summoned.