• 2019.01.31 Event
    [Feb 2019] Limited-time Event: A Warrior's Feast, Part 1 begins!


To commemorate the launch of the Warrior of Despair,
Limited-Time Event: A Warrior's Feast, Part 1
is now commencing!!

Wol arrives to find himself at some sort of odd feast...
And it looks like several special attractions have been set up as part of the entertainment!

Introducing a special story to commemorate the launch of the Warrior of Despair!
So stuffed full of content, we had to break it up into Parts 1 & 2!

After Maintenance until
Sunday, March 31, 6:59 pm PST (UTC-8)

A Warrior's Feast, Part 1
From the Act II world map, select the special region A Warrior's Feast, Part 1.

Around the periphery of the feast, you'll find four trial areas: Target Challenge, Artistic Challenge, Cannon Challenge, and Leviathan Challenge!
Clear all four trials and receive 1x Summon Ticket!
Plus, you'll then be able to tackle Hard Mode!
Clear all the Hard Mode trials to receive 2x Summon Tickets!

In addition, the "challenge area" is also underway!!

Clear the various challenges and collect fabulous prizes!

Target Challenge
Look closely at the "target" on the monsters!
Aim for the marked monsters and proceed!

Artistic Challenge
This Challenge is the traditional Japanese matsuri (festival) activity!
Clear the missions laid out for you to form a special picture!

Cannon Challenge
The Wave Cannon will charge up when you damage Omega. Deal as much damage as
you can to send the Wave Cannon shooting as far as it can go!

Leviathan Challenge
You are tasked with protecting a special package from Leviathan.
Beware! If this special package receives a certain amount of damage from Waterja, it will be destroyed!

Warrior of Light Challenge Area
There is also a Hard Mode area where you can repeatedly challenge your limits!
The challenge area has commenced!
Per demand, amazing rewards are available for grabs!

The challenges will be tougher with each clear so don't loosen up!
Each "harder" mode may have rewards...? Challenge them and confirm first hand!