• 2019.01.22 NEWS
    [Jan 2019] EX Job Revival Greater Summon begins!

These EX Jobs have returned to Palamecia!

EX Job Revival Greater Summon begins!

Let's check out the details!

Wednesday, January 23, 7:00 pm PST (UTC-8)
Until Maintenance

During this period, you can summon from the "EX Job Revival Greater Summon" banner.

You will summon 6 ability cards.
Out of the 6 cards, there is a chance of a job card being summoned.
Ultimate Heroes, Supreme card, or a Legend job may also be summoned at a fixed rate.

When a Legend job is summoned, it will be drawn as an additional 7th card.
If a Supreme card or Ultimate Hero is summoned, it will be acquired as an additional 7th card.

In addition, the job summon counter, "Limit Break B" will be applied exclusively for this EX Job Revival Greater Summon.
This summon "Limit Break B" will not be effective for any other summon banners.

The following EX Jobs will be returning for a limited-time!
The EX Jobs Ascetic, Shorn One, Skyseer, Nightwalker, and the Gambler will be returning to the lineup for a limited time!
*Upon winning a job summon, the job will be selected at an equal rate from among jobs that have yet to be obtained.

Job Type:

Multiplayer Role:
Defender & Attacker
Sacred Expulsion
Single-target and area attack. Pummel your foes in a frenzy that shakes the very ground.
Shorn One
Job Type:

Multiplayer Role:
Attacker & Breaker
Mirage Blade
Area attack. Burn enemies to a crisp with the flames of courage.
Job Type:

Multiplayer Role:
Attacker & Supporter
Heavens' Wail
Area attack. Decimate your foes with the wrath of the heavens.
Accessory: Imp Horns
Job Type:

Multiplayer Role:
Farfalla Nera
Area attack. Charm your foes before sending them to the grave--a witch's favorite courting method.

Job Type:

Multiplayer Role:
Attacker & Breaker

All In
Single-target and area attack. Sometimes betting it all is the only way to reverse our fate.

Summon the Ultimate Heroes!
If summoned, you are extremely lucky!
When you set this card in your deck as a job card, you can transform into that character while adventuring through Palamecia!
When summoning an Ultimate Hero, it will be summoned as an additional card.

Job Type:
Army of One ∞
Single-target and area attack. Cut through enemies with lightning speed.
Cloud Strife
Job Type:
Omnislash ∞
Single-target and area attack. Nullifies enemy boons.
Job Type:
Octaslash ∞
Single-target and area attack. Blades of despair strike from all sides at high speed.
Job Type:
Spiritual Ray ∞
Area attack. Gather the energies of the stars and shoot forth a piercing ray of light.
Job Type:
Blitz Ace ∞
Single-target and area attack. Blitz for the goal!
Job Type:
The Sending ∞
Area attack. Quell the spirits of monsters and send them to the Farplane.
Tifa Lockhart
Job Type:
Final Heaven ∞
Single-target and area attack. Sometimes only a good punch is needed to bring the heavens crashing down.

* Ultimate Hero cards and Supreme ability cards can not be summoned at the same time.
* Ultimate Hero cards can be summoned in limited-time Greater Card Summons as well as through Card Summons.
* Ultimate Hero cards are not limited-time offers, and will continue to be available in any summon including Ultimate Hero cards.
Ultimate Heroes are the manifestations of heroes from another world! They are cast on appearance on a job you currently possess, changing you into an Ultimate Hero!
Basic parameters will all be based on the set job with additional auto-abilities carried over from the Ultimate Hero.
Ultimate will be extremely powerful and exclusive to that Ultimate Hero.

Supreme Cards Available Through Summoning!

If you summon one of these, you may be supremely lucky!
Supreme cards depicting heroes of the past, equipped with some of the strongest abilities in MOBIUS FF, are continuing to join the summoning lineup!
When a Supreme card is summoned, it will be summoned as an additional card.

*If all Supreme cards are acquired, none of them will be summoned.