• 2019.01.22 NEWS
    [Jan 2019] Ranking Event: I vs I

What does it mean to be strong?

Is it to win? Or not to lose?
A question even a seasoned warrior would find hard to answer.
So to all you lost warriors, we present this to you!
Ranking Event: I vs I begins!

The opponent this time will!
This is an extremely stoic event in which you must constantly battle with yourself!
Utilize all your various jobs and abilities to battle what might be the most difficult opponent you've faced yet...

Let's check out the details!

Wednesday, January 23, 7:00 pm PST (UTC-8)
Until Maintenance


Do we battle as normal!?
With the enemy's attack, its element will increase, and with the increased elements, it will use abilities and Elemental Drives just like the player.
The enemy's current number of elements and its Ultimate gauge can be confirmed above the player's HP gauge, as shown in the following image.

Be careful! When the Ultimate gauge on the right reaches 99, your opponent will unleash a powerful Ultimate attack!

*The abilities used by the enemy will have the same ability names as normal, but certain adjustments have been made to the power and effects.
*Even though an ailment may not actually affect the player (such as Break Defense Down), ailments inflicted by the enemy will still be added as a debuff to the player.

Be cautious when switching roles!
After a certain turn, the enemy will change roles.
Upon switching roles, the Attacker / Breaker role, element, and ability will also change.
Be sure to observe your opponent carefully!!

Prevent their abilities!
Using non-elemental attacks during the enemy's Break or attacking during the player's Mobius Zone will decrease the Ultimate gauge, and using opposite elemental attacks will decrease your opponent's element!!

Look out for elemental weapons!

Depending on what ability your enemy uses, its "attack" will change to various elements.
Of course, you can reduce the damage with Elemental Drive, so be prepared!!

Beware when you see the sword icon appear, as below!

Ranking Rewards
Rankings will be finalized at the end of the event period. Apart from the clear rewards, ranking rewards will also be given out.
* In the case of a tie, the player with the higher battle score will be ranked higher.

1 - 500 ■1x Boosting Egg ★5
■100x Ability Ticket
■50x Crystal
■Skill Card
・Multiplayer: Increases HP restored + 10%
■The following 4 Prismatic Fractal:
・HP Up + 7%
・Job Change Recast
・Improved Extra Skill Unlock
・EXP Up + 10%
501 - 1,000 ■50x Ability Ticket
■25x Crystal
■Skill Card
・Multiplayer: Increases HP restored + 8%
■The following 4 Prismatic Fractal:
・HP Up + 6%
・Job Change Recast
・Improved Extra Skill Unlock
・EXP Up + 10%
1,001 - 3,000 ■25x Ability Ticket
■15x Crystal
■Skill Card
・Multiplayer: Increases HP restored + 5%
■The following 3 Prismatic Fractal:
・HP Up + 5%
・Improved Extra Skill Unlock
・EXP Up + 10%
3,001 - 10,000 ■15x Ability Ticket
■10x Crystal
■The following Prismatic Fractal
・EXP Up + 10%
10,001 - ■10x Ability Ticket
■5x Crystal

As always, you will receive 10x Crystals for participation!