• 2019.01.14 Information
    [Jan 2019] New Areas Added in Yggdrasil!

Great news, all Warriors of Light!

Earlier, we received updates regarding Yggdrasil from the Palamecian Research Facility!
They mentioned that a zone with new seeds has been discovered...?

Let's check out the details.

Release Date
Tuesday, January 15, 7:00 pm PST (UTC-8)

Additional Details

According to the Palamecian Research Facility, a new zone has been discovered with never-before-seen ability seeds.
The new ability seed features are:

・Single-target attack + multistrike overkill + Unguard + Attuned Chain
・Single-target attack + multistrike overkill + Break Defense Down + Painful Break
・Area attack + multistrike overkill + Ailments to all enemies
・Multiple ailments to a single-target

From the world map, select Yggdrasil: Zone 3.
As for what seed will grow... that must be confirmed first-hand!


Ability Seed Zone
In this zone, you can obtain various Ability scrolls of the selected area (seed).
You can warp to your desired area from the beginning!

Head for this area and check out what kind of Ability scrolls you can obtain!