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    [Jan 2019] January Calendar

January 1
New Year's in Palamecia 2019
Until 1/14 11: 59 pm PST (UTC - 8)
Happy New Year!
Palamecia is in a mood for celebration!
Test your first luck of the year and obtain prizes!?

Boosted Greater Summon Featuring Wild Rider
Until 1/15 6:59 pm PST (UTC - 8)
Smash every single enemy in your path!
New Sophie job, Wild Rider is here!
Neo Bahamut and Emperor of Arubboth: FFII
has been added to the Supreme card lineup!

FFVII Collaboration: Sephiroth Returns to Multiplayer
Until 1/31 6: 59 pm PST (UTC - 8)
Sephiroth descends to shower despair upon Palamecia!
Witness the power of true heroes!

Supreme Card Summon 
Until 1/16 11: 59 pm PST (UTC - 8)
Purchase over 12,000 magicite by 1/6 to receive a
Supreme Ticket to draw from the
Supreme Card Summon!
Do not miss this "supreme" opportunity!

January 7
Warrior of Despair - Chapter 1: A World Adrift, Part 2
Sarah is living her life in a peaceful town.
But secretly, she's in training with a once-called witch.
The rune's apparition stalks them ever closer...

Job Quest 5: Hermit
The Hermit course has been added to the new Job Quest 5!
Obtain the true power of the Hermit!

January 8
Any day with an 8 is MOBIUS DAY!
Received full stamina recovery +88,
double stamina recovery from elixirs,
greater fusion success rate, cards dropped at ability level 2,
increased extra skill unlock rate, fully opened Pleiades Lagoon, 4x exploration seed bonuses, and even some special gifts!

January 9
Welcome Back Free Greater Summon 
Until 1/14 6: 59 pm PST (UTC - 8)
The FREE Greater Summon
details will will dramatically change
depending on the results from the
Welcome Back Campaign!

January 15
Warrior of Despair - Chapter 1: A World Adrift, Part 3
There is no Warrior of Light or Princess in this world.
The once-called Warrior of Light
now lives as a vigilante in a small village...

Boosted Greater Summon Featuring Jet Stunner
Until Maintenance
She'll blow you to the moon!
New Sophie job, Jet Stunner is here!
New ability cards have also arrived!

A New Zone Added in Yggdrasil
This holy tree watches over the Warrior of Light
and at times will grant power.
New zone added to the ability enhancement region, Yggdrasil!

January 18
8 in the date is ... MOBIUS DAY!
Today is MOBIUS DAY!
Do not forget to take advantage of this day!

January 23
Ranking Event: I vs I 
Until Maintenance
Who's real, who's the imposter, and who's the strongest?
"I" am the opponent ....?
Defeat yourself, and show off your true power!

EX Job Revival Greater Summon 
Until Maintenance
Those powerful EX Jobs have returned!
The Gambler and Nightwalker
has returned in the lineup for a limited - time!
If you missed them before, here's your second chance!

Shop Sale! 
Until 1/31 11: 59 pm PST (UTC - 8)
Shop Sale bargain has begun!
Items purchasable with magicite are all 20% off!
Phoenix Down and Elixir value packs are also on sale!

January 28
8 in the date is ... MOBIUS DAY!
Today is MOBIUS DAY!
Do not forget to take advantage of this day!