• 2018.12.31 Event
    [Jan 2019] Limited-time Event: New Year's in Palamecia 2019!

A Happy New Year from Palamecia!!!

Let's make it another great year for MOBIUS FF!

To celebrate this special occasion, we have prepared a special limited-time region.
Receive free summons, a chance to obtain tons of magicite, and more!
In addition, on your first clear, you will also receive...a wonderful present!?

Let's start the new year with a bang in Palamecia!

Celebrate the New Year!

Tuesday, January 1, 12:00 am to
Monday, January 14, 11:59 pm PST (UTC-8)

New Year's in Palamecia 2019
To celebrate the new year, we have prepared the limited-time region New Year's in Palamecia 2019!
A holy summit that only appears at the beginning of the year -
In this sacred area, you can initiate a Free Summon!

Also, if you are lucky enough to reach the top, there's a chance to obtain a ton of magicite!
Is your heart racing from excitement yet?

How to Play
Select "New Year's in Palamecia 2019" from the world map to access the region.

You can only participate by using the New Dawn Ticket, which can be obtained once per day (up to 8 total).
*You can use more than one New Dawn Ticket per day.

Enemies in each area will drop a specific item. These items will determine what area you will proceed to next. When a Silver Chocobo appears, you can obtain the item, Silver Badge. Once you obtain a Silver Badge, you can proceed to an area that will yield even greater rewards!

When you reach the end, you are guaranteed to receive one free summon as a reward. In addition, if you continue to obtain Silver Badges, you will be able to reach the summit. If you're lucky enough to reach the top, you will receive two free summons!

There's more! If you obtain a Gold Badge from the rare Gold Chocobo, it will take you to the guaranteed route that leads you to the top!

Test your luck! Having great luck is a part of being a Warrior of Light.

The Summit and Beyond
There's also a hidden area that is located beyond the summit!
This hidden area will test both your battle skills and luck. If you are lucky enough to reach this hidden area, you can obtain tons of magicite!
(*The above is a concept image only, and not how the game screen will actually look.)

Talk about an awesome festival to start out the new year! Come check out the festivities for yourself!

Thank you for supporting MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY in 2018 and we hope to see you in 2019!