• 2018.12.31 NEWS
    [Jan 2019] Supreme Card Summon is here!
Happy New Year!
It's a new year in Palamecia, too, and there's a celebratory mood.
We look forward to another year of gaming with you!

And now, without further ado -
Here we go with some big news to start out the new year!

Supreme Card Summon begins!

Let's check out the details!

Since the Supreme Card Summon differs from the normal summon, please be sure to review this article before summoning.

Period to Obtaining the Supreme Ticket (ONCE ONLY)

Tuesday, January 1, 12:00 am to
Sunday, January 6, 11:59 pm PST (UTC-8)

During this period, purchase a grand total of more than 12,000 magicite to receive a Supreme Ticket!

1x Supreme Ticket (Only 1 Supreme Ticket can be obtained throughout this period)
・240x Ability Ticket

With this Supreme Ticket, you will be able to draw an unobtained Supreme card from the Supreme Card Summon banner.

Any magicite purchased during this period will be added towards the goal amount to obtain the Supreme Ticket.
If you are unsure when the period will conclude or how much more magicite purchase is required, you can simply go to Shop → Purchase Magicite and confirm the information at the bottom of the screen.
*Please note: If the information no longer appears at the bottom of the screen, this means that the campaign period for obtaining the Supreme Ticket has concluded.

Precautions in Obtaining the Supreme Ticket
· To avoid any delays or errors, please confirm that you have a stable connection upon purchasing magicite.
· Please confirm that the actual purchase date/time is within the campaign period for obtaining the Supreme Ticket.
· Please be advised that the campaign period is based on MOBIUS FF's server time, and not the time on the device being used.

How to Summon with your Obtained Supreme Ticket

Tuesday, January 1, 12:00 am to
Wednesday, January 16, 11:59 pm PST (UTC-8)

During this period, if you have obtained the one-time-only Supreme Ticket, you can go to Shop → Summon Cards → Campaign Summons and initiate the Supreme Card Summon.
*Be sure that you are on the correct banner upon summon.

· A Supreme card will be summoned from this banner.
· Any unobtained Supreme cards will be drawn at an equal rate.
· Supreme cards that have previously been obtained will not be summoned.

Precautions in Summoning the Guaranteed Supreme Card
· To avoid any delays or errors, please confirm that you have a stable connection upon summon.
· If you already possess all the Supreme cards, you will obtain a Growstar.
· Your Supreme Ticket will be converted into a Growstar if it is not used by the campaign ending period.

Available Supreme Cards

The following Supreme Cards depicting heroes of the past, equipped with some of the strongest abilities in MOBIUS FF will be available to summon!

Neo Bahamut
Neo Flare
Warrior supreme ability - Area fire attack (multistrike overkill). Trigger Synergy (Attack increases for each fire element orb).
Emperor of Arubboth: FFII
Stately Composure
Mage supreme ability - Area wind attack (multistrike overkill). Add Misfortune (increases damage per ailment on target).

* Previously obtained Supreme cards will not be summoned.
* If you have already obtained all the Supreme cards and initiate a Summon from this banner, you will receive a Growstar.