• 2018.11.30 Event
    [Dec 2018] FFVII Region Eclipse Contact Returns!

They've returned to Palamecia once again...!
The massively popular FFVII collaborations Eclipse Contact and Fatal Calling have returned!

The mysterious city of Midgar suddenly appears in Palamecia along with the mysterious man "Cloud"...

You can only experience this high-quality FFVII collaboration in Mobius FF, so we hope that veterans and new players alike will enjoy its return!
Without further ado, let's check out the details for Eclipse Contact!


Saturday, December 1, at 7:00 p.m. to
Thursday, Janurary 31, at 6:59 p.m. PST (UTC-8)

How to Play

Select "Midgar" from the world map to access the region.

* The world map can be accessed upon reaching a certain point in Chapter 1.


This region will be unlocked in 2 parts.

Part 1:
Saturday, December 1, at 7:00 p.m. PST (UTC-8): Unlocked up to "Mako Reactor 2."

Part 2:
Friday, December 7, at 7:00 p.m. PST (UTC-8): Remaining content will be unlocked.


How to Play

1. Reach the Rendezvous Point
Once you enter Midgar, watch the cutscene, then set out to the "Rendezvous Point."

2. Complete the objectives to stop the Mako Reactors
Once you reach the Rendezvous Point, the "Mako Reactor 1" area will be added to the world map.
Select "Mako Reactor 1," then go clear it out!

The Mako Reactors are dungeons.
You will need to figure out a way to unlock the routes that are blocked and proceed forward.
To unlock the blocked routes, you will need to find a switch.
The corresponding switch can be identified by tapping on the lock icon.

To activate a switch, you will simply need to reach the area with the switch icon. Once you reach the area, the lock will be automatically unlocked.
You will be find numerous treasure within the Mako Reactors.
Beginners should find this event especially helpful as you will be able to obtain many items that will help you strengthen your character.
The more you progress, the stronger your character can get!
To complete the Mako Reactors, you will need to defeat a boss that is blocked off by a locked route.
Find the switch to unlock the route and then proceed to the boss!

*The image above has been modified for descriptive purposes. It may differ from what you actually see in the game.

3. What to do after completing a Mako Reactor
Once you complete a Mako Reactor stage, a new Mako Reactor stage will be added to the world map.
While your next destination should be the newly added Mako Reactor, there's one more location we would like for you to visit.
Proceed to Midgar!
While you previously were only able to go to the Rendezvous Point, by completing each of the Mako Reactor stages, new areas will be unlocked within Midgar.

Obtain the strengthened versions of Masamune!
You will be able to obtain the strengthened versions of Masamune by visiting the unlocked areas in Midgar.
Be sure to visit Midgar once you have completed a Mako Reactor!

*Mako Reactors consisting of multiple regions will be considered cleared when the last region is completed.

Example: Mako Reactor 2 is divided into the following regions:

Mako Reactor 2: Upper Area
Mako Reactor 2: Lower Area

In this case, it will be considered cleared if you ahve completed up to Mako Reactor 2: Lower Levels.
Please be advised that clearing only the Mako Reactor 2: Upper levels will not grant you access to Midgar's Mako Reactor 2.

*As mentioned in below section, in Mako Reactor 3, instead of obtaining an upgraded version of Masamune, you will receive Aerith Echo.

Spirit: Aerith Echo

You can obtain the spirit "Aerith Echo" by completing Mako Reactor 3, available via part 2 of the 3-part event.

*Players who already have obtained Aerith Echo will be able to view the cutscene but will not receive an additional Aerith Echo.

Weapon: Umbrella

In the Back Street route, you can obtain the weapon Umbrella.

To proceed to the Back Street route, you will need to obtain a Pale Light.
The Pale Light is hidden in one of the treasure chests in the Mako Reactors. Be sure to look for it!
*Players who previously have obtained Umbrella will be able to view the cutscene but will not receive an additional Umbrella.
*If you obtain a lower rank Umbrella while already possessing a higher rank Umbrella, it will not replace your higher rank Umbrella.