• 2018.07.27 Campaign
    [Aug 2018] 2nd Anniversary Campaign Begins!
On August 3, 2016, a new type of smart phone game was released to the world.
MOBIUS FF has reached its 2nd year anniversary since its global release!
We are extremely grateful to those who have supported us.
And so ... we will be holding some special 2nd anniversary campaigns !!
There will be many many exciting campaigns so do not miss out!


Campaign Summary
There are a total of 5 MOBIUS FF 2nd Anniversary campaigns scheduled:
· 2nd Anniversary Special Login Campaign
· 2nd Year MOBIUS Week
· Mobius Gift Box Purchase Appreciation Present & 2nd Anniversary Stamp Gift
· 2nd Anniversary Adventure Support Campaign!
· 2nd Anniversary Game Balance Changes!

Special Login Bonus!

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Wednesday, August 1, 1: 00 am to
Saturday, September 1, 12: 59 am PDT (UTC - 7)

As appreciation to all players, you will receive up to 14x Summon Ticket , and 2x Growstar during this campaign period!

Starting from your first login during the campaign period, the Special Login Bonus will begin!
This is separate from the normal login bonus sheet so you're basically getting double bonuses!

* Obtained this special login Bonus sheet. Once obtained, even if it passes Over the campaign period, you may still continue to obtain bonuses until the sheet is completed.
* You will not receive a Growstar for completion of the Special Login Bonus sheet.

2nd Year MOBIUS Week!
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MOBIUS FF has approached its 2nd year with everyone's support!

2nd Year Special MOBIUS Week begins !!!

Each gift items and bonuses are prepared to express our continuing gratitude to all players!

Wednesday, August 1, 1: 00 am to
Monday, August 13, 12: 59 am PDT (UTC - 7)

Mobius Day All Week!

1. Daily Gifts
On your first login for the day, 1x Elixir & 1x Phoenix Down will be delivered!
You will also receive the following daily gifts!

8/1: Prismatic Fractal raises HP by 7%
8/2: Prismatic Fractal raises HP by 7%
8/3: Prismatic Fractal raises Magic by 7%
8/4: Prismatic Fractal raises Break Power by 7%
8/5: Prismatic Fractal raises skillseeds by 10%
8/6: Prismatic Fractal Job Change Recast
8/7: 8x Crystals
8/8: 1x Summon Ticket
8/9: 88x Ability Ticket
8/10: 222, 222x each of Fire & Water skillseeds
8/11: 222, 222 x each of Wind & Earth skillseeds
8/12: 222, 222 x each of Light & Dark skillseeds

Please use these items to your advantage!

2. Full Stamina Recovery +88 when the Date Changes!
This Period During, When The Date Changes, Your Stamina Will Be Fully Restored ! Additionally, You Will Get An Extra 88 Stamina !
Will Affect Both This Single And Multiplayer Stamina . Make Sure To Use All Your Stamina Before The Date Changes!

There's MORE!! Double 8/8 super special MOBIUS Day!
With that said, login on 8/8 and your stamina will be fully restored with an additional +888 stamina which will only be available for this day only!
This will definitely be MOBIUS FF all day !!

3. Double the Stamina from Elixirs!
If you use Elixirs during this period, you will recover double the stamina !
* The amount of stamina recovered over time or through gaining a level will not be doubled.

4. 4x Bonus Seeds from Exploration regions!
The seed bonuses in all Exploration regions will be quadrupled for all elements !
Make a beeline for the Exploration regions to gather skillseeds!

5. 20% Fusion success rates!
The success rate of fusions will be increased by 20% ! (Example: 50% → 60%, 80% → 96%)

* Seed fusions and ability fusions will both be affected.
* The percentage chance displayed upon fusing cards will reflect the 20% increase.
The percentage chance will not increase an additional 20% from the displayed number.

6. Lv2 Ability Card Drops!
This is also a new feature of Mobius Day starting this month! During this period, cards dropped from enemies will all be ability level 2 .
It will now be super easy to raise your ability level!

7. Improved Extra Skill Unlock Rates!
During this period, all regions have a chance of increased Extra Skill Unlock bonuses!
The extra skills of abilities are easier to unlock now, so try to get them all!
* Please note that you can not unlock extra skills in the Chaos Vortex challenge region.

8. Pleiades Lagoon Fully Unlocked!
Normally, you are only able to go to go to specific islands of the Pleiades Lagoon as upon the current day.
However, during MOBIUS Week all areas will be accessible !
Now you can easily obtain valuable cards such as Pneumas of all elemental affinities !

Mobius Gift Box Purchase Appreciation Present and Stamp Gift!
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Wednesday, August 1, 1: 00 am to
Saturday, September 1, 12: 59 am PDT (UTC - 7)

For players who have continued to purchase Mobius Gift Boxes, we will be presenting you with a special gift showing our appreciation based on how many times the Mobius Gift Box was purchased !
If you have purchased the Mobius Gift Box over 10 times, you will receive a wonderful gift including 3x Growstar and 300x Ability Ticket !!
Number of PurchasePresent
[Tier 1]
1 - 2
■ 36x Ability Ticket
[Tier 2]
3 - 5
■ 1x Growstar
■ 124x Ability Ticket
[Tier 3]
6 - 9
■ 2x Growstar
■ 212x Ability Ticket
■ 3x Mog Amulet
[Tier 4]
10 +
■ 2x Growstar
■ 300x Ability Ticket
■ 6x Mog Amulet
■ 4x Extranger

Additionally, Customers Who Have Purchased The Mobius Gift Box Over 12 Times Will Be Presented With An Additional Summon Ticket Along With An "I Love Mobius" Stamp 2nd Year Version That Can Be Used In Multiplayer!

2nd Anniversary Stamp!
Furthermore! Log In During The Above Time And Receive The 2nd Anniversary Commemorative Stamp!

Revive with your Stamp!
The 2nd year version "I love Mobius" and "2nd" year anniversary stamp can be used in multiplayer once per battle to revive yourself!
Additionally, using this stamp will not affect the No Death Rewards !

【Stamp Revival Effective Period】
Wednesday, August 1, 1: 00 am to
Saturday, September 1, 12: 59 am PDT (UTC - 7)

* You can not revive with the 1st year version of "I love Mobius" and "1st" year anniversary stamp.
"I love Mobius", "2nd", "Tidus", and "Yuna" stamps again. You must wait until the next time you battle.
* If you have been defeated again after the revival stamp has been used, you will not be able to to obtain the No Death Rewards.
* If other players also use their stamp for revival, this will also not affect the No Death Rewards.
* Although you revive using the stamp, but other players use other methods for revival, you will not be able to to obtain the No Death Rewards.
* Using one of the stamps for revival will not affect the No Death Rewards.

2nd Anniversary! Adventure Support Campaign!
To enjoy the 2nd anniversary festivities with Spirits, we will be holding a special campaign!

Wednesday, August 1, 1: 00 am to
Friday, August 17, 12: 59 am PDT (UTC - 7)

During this period, if the following anniversary Spirits are set, you will receive receive Extra Skill Unlock bonuses.

■ 2nd Anniversary Spirits
· 2nd Anniversary Echo
· Puffy Cait Sith
· Celebratory Tonberry
· Into-the-Groove Mog

■ 1st Anniversary Spirits
· Anniversary Echo
· Sparkleberry
· Funtuar


2nd Anniversary! Game Balance Changes !!

Within the article, we have shown that the maintenance would take place on Monday, July 30, but due to various difficulties, the scheduled maintenance will be performed at a later date.

The following new features will be available after the next maintenance:
· Introducing the VIP Mode
· Material Card Sort Method Changes
· Summon banner appearance changes
· Duncan: FFVI Supreme Card Adjustments

Due to this reason, we will temporarily remove the "Gigantuar Summon" and "we, we have prepared multiple summons for August, but the" summon banner appearance changes " the single "Card Summon" banners until the maintenance is performed.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and we thank you for your understanding.

Supreme Card Summon & Ultimate Hero Summon for Newcomers with Purchase of Magicite

We are prepare a special guaranteed Ultimate Heroes Summon & Supreme Card Summon.
As this is our 2nd anniversary, not only new players but "active MOBIUS FF players" will also be able to to participate!
Be sure to review the details!

Summon Period
Newly created player accounts will be considered day 0, up to the 37 th day (12: 59 am PDT / UTC - 7)
Active players who already have an account prior to 8/2 12:59 am PDT (UTC - 7) will be able to initiate the summon after the maintenance on 7/30 and will be available until 9/8 12:59 am PDT (UTC - 7).

How to Summon
During this period, you can perform both the Ultimate Heroes Summon and Supreme Card Summon (only once) by going to Shop → Summon Cards → Standard Summon and selecting the designated banner.

* Please be advised that this summon can only be initiated once during the campaign but the banner will still remain even after you have already initiated the summon.

· From the Ultimate Heroes Summon, 1x Ultimate Hero will be summoned.
From the Supreme Card Summon, 1x Supreme Card will be summoned.
· Each Summon will require 1x Supreme Ticket.
· Ultimate Heroes Summon and Supreme Card Summon can each be performed once.
Although you have 2 Supreme Tickets, you can not perform a summon from the same banner twice.
· Each Ultimate Hero, Supreme Card will be selected at a fixed rate from your unobtained cards.
· Ultimate Heroes and Supreme Cards already obtained will not be summoned.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------
Pre-Cautions for the Guaranteed Supreme Card Summon / Ultimate Heroes Summon
-------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------
· To avoid any delays or errors, please be sure you have stable connection upon performance a Summon.
· If you possess all Ultimate Heroes prior to Summon, you will obtain 1x Growstar.
· If you possess all Supreme Cards prior to Summon, you will obtain 1x Growstar.
· If you do not use your Supreme Ticket within the summon period, please be advised that the Supreme Ticket will be converted into 1x Growstar.

Period on Obtaining the Supreme Tickets
Newly Created player accounts will be considered day 0, up to the 30 th day (12: 59 am PDT / UTC - 7)
Active players who have already an account prior to 8/2 12:59 am PDT (UTC - 7) will be able to obtain the Supreme Tickets after the maintenance is on 7/30 and will be available until 9/1 12: 59 am PDT (UTC - 7).

How to Obtain the Supreme Tickets
If you purchase more than a grand total of 12,000 magicite during the period , you will receive the following items in your Present Box (ONE TIME ONLY).

· 2x Supreme Ticket
· 240x Ability Ticket

The purchased magicite total will be be added during the Supreme Ticket obtainable period .
If you are unsure when the period would conclude or how many more magicite are required to qualify for this campaign, you can simply go to Shop → Purchase Magicite and confirm the remaining required magicite purchase which is shown at the bottom of the screen.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
Pre-Cautions in Obtaining Supreme Tickets
-------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
· To avoid any delays or errors, please be sure you have stable connection upon purchasing magicite.
· Please be advised that the obtainable Supreme Ticket period is based on MOBIUS FF's server time and not the device's time indicated.

2. Introducing the VIP Mode!
MOBIUS FF has made it to its 2nd anniversary with everyone's support.
As an appreciation for your continued support, MOBIUS FF has prepared the MOBIUS VIP Mode which will begin after the maintenance on July 30 !!!

Eligibility of the VIP Mode
If you purchase 1,500 magicite and more, you will be qualified for the VIP Mode.
Magicite purchased date will count as day 0, and will apply up to the 30th day. (12: 59 am PDT / UTC - 7)

Bonus 1: 0 skillseed cost upon setting Skill Cards
During VIP Mode, setting the Skill Cards in the Custom Skill Panel will cost absolutely 0 skillseeds! (Even if it requires Openers)

This wonderful feature is convenient when setting Skill Cards depending on the Ranking Event requirements ♪

Bonus 2: Improved Extra Skill Unlocks
With VIP Mode, you will receive Improved Extra Skill Unlocks !
Enhancing your cards would be super easy!

Bonus 3: Increase on Skillseed and EXP
During VIP Mode, skillseeds and EXP will increase an additional 30%!
This will also be a great help in enhancing your cards!
The VIP Mode skillseed bonuses will appear after the "dangerous area bonus" shown below.
Yet, the number shown on the result screen will will appear with the skillseed bonuses included.

Bonus 4: Increased EXP for Auto-Enhancement
Any cards set to "Auto-Enhance" will have EXP increase!
This is a super bonus for those trying to level various cards ♪

Bonus 5: Time reduction bonus on Weapon Boost
During VIP Mode, consuming 1 stamina for Weapon Boost will reduce an additional 1 minute!
With this said, 1 consumption of stamina will reduce 4 minutes, so in Bahamut Lagoon where there's already a 1.5 time reduction, you will be reducing a total of 6 minutes for 1 consumption of stamina !!
This will speed up your weapon Boost immensely!

VIP Mode is so convenient.
A must try!

3. Material Card Sort Method Changes!
Material Cards used for card enhancements and augments seem to take up a lot of space in your card bank ...
Managing these cards seems like a challenge as they keep keeping up! BUT WORRY NO MORE!

If you possess multiple of the same Material Cards (excluding Prismatic Fractal), it will now appear in stacks!

Please look forward to to further details which will be provided at a later date!

4. Phantasmic Loop: Endless War Clears will Reset!
On 8/6 8: 00 pm PDT (UTC - 7), the numbers of loops cleared in the Phantasmic Loop: Endless War will be reset as it will newly be reborn to
Phantasmic Loop: Endless War 2!

Please enjoy the new revisions which were also made to the battling description.
Since the previous clear counters were reset, you can obtain first clear rewards again !
If you have still not cleared progressed through this region, now is your chance to obtain the clear rewards before the reset takes place!

5. Duncan: FFVI Supreme Card Adjustments
After the maintenance executed on 7/30, the Supreme Card Duncan: FFVI's status will be adjusted.
Please see the following adjustments:

Attack Power, and Break potentials will be increased.
· The Extra Skill name, "Martial Arts" will be changed changed to "Martial Combat".
· Upon using this ability, it will randomly create 1 element orb.

6. Summon banner appearance changes
Summon Cards have now been separated to "Standard Summons" and "Campaign Summons".
Boosted Greater Summon and Limited Revival Greater Summon will appear under "Campaign Summons".

7. Ability Cards removed from summon lineup!
We will be removing the following ability cards for any Summon lineup performed from 8/1 8: 00 pm PDT (UTC - 7).
The list of ability cards that have been removed from the lineup can be viewed from the Summon "Info" page.

Additionally, please be advised that the following cards will no longer be available in the Ability Shop if never obtained by early September.

Legendary Dragon
Legendary Killing Machine
Legendary Hargon
Legendary Mimic
Legendary Belial
Legendary Golem
Legendary Troll
Legendary Dragonlord
Legendary Powie Yowie
Legendary Mummy Boy
Legendary Treeface
Legendary Ghost

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all the continued support to make the 2nd year possible.
We will continue to offer content players can enjoy, and make further quality improvements.