• 2017.04.20 Event
    [Apr 2017] Ranking Event "Aggregate Aggression"!

This time there is something different about the rankings...
Get ready for the special ranking event: Aggregate Aggression!

The bosses from before have all gathered together, with even better ranking rewards than usual! What's more, you can even experience the story from previous ranking events again!

From Friday, April 21, at 7:00 p.m.
to Sunday, April 30, at 6:59 p.m. (UTC-8)

How to Participate
You can access the battle tower by selecting "Aggregate Aggression" from the world map.

This time there are 6 towers! You can teleport to proceed freely to any tower.

On top of that, you can view cutscenes from previous ranking events in each of the towers!

The higher up you go, the stronger the enemies get!

And a ranking will be held based on how many bosses you have defeated.
There are also prizes for ranks obtained in the end, so try your best to aim for the top!
*In the case of a tie, the player with the higher battle score wins.

This time, players will need to be prepared to face a variety of enemies. As you climb further up the tower if you feel like the enemies have gotten too strong, try challenging another tower!
You can check how many of each boss you have defeated by selection the Key Item icon from the Home tab.

Event Rewards

 Tower Clear Rewards
In this ranking event you not only get rewards from treasure boxes in areas, but also when you complete each tower! Test your skill and proceed through the towers to receive great rewards such as Summon Tickets!
Even if you are not interested in scoring high in the rankings, aim for the challenge of clearing all of the towers!

In addition, you can receive two Ability Tickets in the endless Phantasmic Coil past the final floor of each tower!

Towers Cleared Reward
1 2 Phoenix Downs
2 2 Elixirs
3 2 Crystals
4 1 Ability Ticket
5 1 Summon Ticket
All 5 Ability Tickets
1 Summon Ticket

 Ranking Rewards

These rewards are distributed based upon your ranking at the end of the event. The higher your rank, the more valuable the rewards.

Final RankingReward
1 - 500 ■50 Ability Tickets
■1 Growing Egg ★4
■Prismatic Fractal
"Break Power Up +5%"
■10 Crystals
501 - 1,000 ■30 Ability Tickets
■Prismatic Fractal
"Break Power Up +4%"
■10 Crystals
1,001 - 3,000 ■15 Ability Tickets
■Prismatic Fractal
"Break Power Up +3%"
■5 Crystals
3,001 - 10,000 ■9 Ability Tickets
■Prismatic Fractal
"Break Power Up +2%"
■3 Crystals
10,001+ ■3 Ability Tickets
■2 Crystals

Ranking rewards will be sent to your Present Box after the event has concluded.

Fractals are a material which unlocks a random auto ability when fused with another card. However, the Prismatic Fractal is an exceptionally useful and valuable card that lets you know ahead of time what auto ability will be unlocked.
Figure out the best place to use these for maximum effect!

*In the menu, under Social / Event Rewards, only two rewards are listed in the ranking rewards, but rewards will be awarded as shown above.

Find a way to beat all 6 bosses and obtain the top rewards!