• 2017.04.16 Event
    [Apr 2017] Limited Time Event: "Terra Battle: Symphony of Reverie" Begins!
Terra Battle, a highly-rated mobile game by the creator of FINAL FANTASY!
Now MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY and Terra Battle combine in the collaborative event: Terra Battle: Symphony of Reverie!

Release the warriors of Terra Battle imprisoned by the dark crystals and obtain special Terra Battle cards!

From Monday, April 17, at 7:00 p.m.
to Monday, May 15, at 6:59 p.m.
*Start time may differ depending on server status.


How to Enter
Select "Terra Battle: Symphony of Reverie" from the world map to access the region.

How to Progress
The Terra Battle region is split into multiple tiers, and as you beat bosses in each tier you will obtain a key item to proceed to the next tier.
Aim for areas with active bosses to proceed!

The Terra Battle card you obtain from the first tier boss can be augmented by using components dropped from the boss!
*Card augments are available after clearing Chapter I of the story.

Boss Features
The warriors of Terra Battle who appear as bosses become weaker when specific Terra Battle cards are equipped.
Use these weaknesses to your advantage when proceeding through the region!
In order to weaken bosses of the later tiers, you will need to augment the Terra Battle cards you have obtained.

First Boss → Can be weakened by cards ★2 and higher
Second Boss → Can be weakened by cards ★3 and higher
Third Boss → Can be weakened by cards ★4 and higher

If you are unable to beat bosses in the later tiers, augment your Terra Battle cards and try challenging it again!
Also, the foe blocking your path further into the region, Amina, is able to weaken every type of Terra Battle card if it has fulfilled the rarity requirements listed above.

Terra Battle Card Details
Now to introduce the cards obtainable in the Terra Battle region!
When you first obtain them they will be ★2 cards, but all of them can be augmented to ★5!
Furthermore, because they are all Fast Learner cards it means that you will easily have a powerful Max Ability Level card as soon as you augment it!
Warrior Type - Bahl
★2 Bahl the Dark Duelist
Terasword (4 Orbs)
Warrior ability - Single-target fire attack.
Ranger Type - Grace
★2 Grace the Archer
Terabow (4 Orbs)
Ranger ability - Single-target wind attack.
Mage Type - Ma'curi
★2 Ma'curi the Tormented
Teraspear (4 Orbs)
Mage ability - Single-target earth attack.
Support Type - Amina
★2 Amina the Nurse
Tera Heal (3 Orbs)
Restores HP.

Cards Required to Augment
★3: Terra Fragment★3 x 1 Dropped from first tier boss

★4: Terra Fragment Λ★4 x 1 Dropped from second tier boss

Terra Fragments and Terra Fragment Λ components can also also be useful when fusing all types of skillseed.
These component cards can be obtained repeatedly, so you can use them without worrying about running out!
*For ★5 augmentation, both Terra Fragment and Terra Fragment Λ components are necesssary.
*When augmenting Terra Battle cards, no other materials are necessary outside of Terra Fragment and Terra Fragment Λ components.

A Special Surprise After Clearing
The excitement doesn't end when you finish the region!
Beyond the newly opened path, you'll find a familiar silhouette... See for yourself what awaits you!