• 2017.04.16 NEWS
    [Apr 2017] Card Summon: April Card Lineup Batch 2!

The Warrior of Light has new ability cards at his disposal!
This time we are introducing cards that work together well with the new mage job, Occultist.
Use them wisely and victory will be yours!
In addition, we have a new limited-time Supreme card!
If you're lucky you may get some powerful new cards this time!

Release Date
Monday, April 17, at 7:00 p.m. (UTC-8)

Job Card

*The above image is for illustrative purposes only and may not be fully representative of the actual card.

 New Job Introduction
Here are the details for the new job card!
Job Type:

Multiplayer Role:
Area attack. Summons hellfire to purge enemies.

The Occultist surrounds themselves with the power of magic in order to bring salvation to the world!
With enhanced water, earth, and dark elemental affinities coupled with Heal Drive, you can expect a sturdy defense and steady flow of damage!
*(Updated April 17) Please note that "water" was previously listed as "fire." We apologize for any confusion this caused.

On top of that, the bar is raised even higher with Ability Chain and Exploit Weakness!
Its Ultimate move, Cataclysm, deals damage to all enemies in addition to applying Debarrier and Weakness to enemies and Boost on itself to increase Break Power!
Strike down weakened enemies to land an impressive final blow!

Ability Cards

 New Ability Cards!

This time great support cards and new dark affinity cards that complement the new Occultist job are here!
Use them to their full potential and seize victory!

 Early Acquisition Cards
Now to introduce our Early Acquisition cards! These cards start out being obtainable exclusively through summoning!

Early Acquisition Cards
Fatal Painga
Warrior ability - Area dark attack. Lowers critical resist.
Hell's Gate
Mighty Guard
Adds Barrier (increases Defense), Wall (absorbs damage), and Regen (gradually restores HP).

This time we have two great cards available for early acquisition: one that unleashes an area attack and lowers critical resist, and a support card that can both heal and increase defense with Barrier, Wall, and Regen!
Both of these cards go perfectly with the new Occultist job!

*After acquiring these cards through a Card Summon, they will also be added to the Ability Shop lineup. Also, after the early acquisition period ends, these cards will become available in the Ability Shop.

 New Ability Cards

There are also new normal ability cards that are available for purchase or through summoning!

Normal Cards
Mage ability - Single-target dark attack.
Mage ability - Cone dark attack.
Mage ability - Area dark attack.

For the normal cards there are also 3 dark affinity cards arriving!
Choose your skills wisely and master using single-target, cone, and area attacks effectively against your foes!
Supreme Card "Neo Exdeath: FFV" Available for a Limited-Time!
The powerful Neo Exdeath: FFV has arrived to banish all who cross it into the Void!
For a limited time from 4/17 7:00 p.m. to 5/2 6:59 p.m. (UTC-8) the Supreme card "Neo Exdeath: FFV" will be available through summoning.
It will be available at a low probability from the Greater Card Summon, Ability ★3 Summon, and Ability ★4 Summon.
This is a limited-time chance to obtain this card early so don't miss out!
Neo Exdeath: FFV
Grand Cross
Ranger supreme ability - Area dark attack. Adds Misfortune (increases damage per ailment on target), Debarrier (lowers Defense), and Stun (cannot act). Lowers critical resist and defense against Break.

Neo Exdeath: FFV, the great controller of the Void, has descended before the Warrior of Light!
On top of having impressive Break Power, the area ability Grand Cross applies Break Defense Down, Critical Resist Down, Debarrier, and Stun to all enemies!
In addition, the new extra skill "Misfortune" has the effect of increasing your attack based on how many debuffs are on your enemies!
Stack as many debuffs on your enemies as you can and then blast them away in a tremendous attack!

*Supreme cards cannot be summoned through Cactuar Summon or Job Summon.
*After you have obtained a Supreme card it will no longer be summonable.
*The probability of summoning a Supreme card increases according to the number of Magicite or Summon Tickets used for that summon.

Ability Shop Lineup Updated!
Early Acquisition cards are cards that are released each month alongside other new ability cards, and can only be obtained through summoning.
This month starting on 4/4 at 7:00 p.m. (UTC-8), 6 cards from our previous Early Acquisition lineup were added into the item shop: Bahamut ZERO: FFVII, Bahamut: FFVII, Neo Bahamut: FFVII, Choco/Mog: FFVII, Kujata: FFVII, and Knights of the Round: FFVII.
Now is the time to get that card you always wanted!