• 2017.04.03 NEWS
    [Apr 2017] Card Summon: April Card Lineup Batch 1!

The Warrior of Light has new ability cards at his disposal!
This time we are introducing new light and dark ability cards with area and main target focus attacks!
In addition, there are more cards you could obtain if you are lucky!
FFRK cards have returned to the limited card lineup, and in the legend job lineup we have the new Heretic Knight!
Also, as of the April update the new custom skill feature has been added to unlock greater potential for each of your jobs!
Check below for more details about custom skills!

Custom Skills Unlocked!

New Customs Skills that bring out the potential of each job card will be added in the April update.
Please check out this new way of personalizing your deck and making it even stronger!

How to unlock custom skills:
・Unlock all 8 skill panels in a job.

Once you meet the unlocking requirements, the custom skill button will be added to both the Decks and Job Card menu.

You can strengthen your job by placing a card called a skill card from this menu.
Either skillseeds and crystals or openers will be necessary when placing a card.

Skill cards are obtainable through the newly added Skill Draw.
Skill Draw can be done by using skill coins, items that can be obtained through battles or as tradeable items. The rarer the coin used, the greater chance of drawing a more effective skill card!
*Skill Draw has the same unlock requirements as custom skills.

Ability Cards

 Release Date
Tuesday, April 4, at 7:00 p.m. (UTC-8)

 New Ability Cards!

The new cards are powerful light and dark area abilities with area and main target focused attacks that are sure to catch your eye!
These cards are sure to add some additional firepower to your deck!

 Early Acquisition Cards
Here are the early acquisition cards that can only be acquired through summoning!
This time all of the cards are early acquisition!

Early Acquisition Cards
Shining Cross
Warrior ability - Area light attack. Main target focused.
Chaos: FFI
Dark Cross
Warrior ability - Area dark attack. Main target focused.
Ranger ability - Area light attack. Main target focused.
Emperor: FFII
Ranger ability - Area dark attack. Main target focused.
Mage ability - Area light attack. Main target focused.
Cloud of Darkness: FFIII
Mage ability - Area dark attack. Main target focused.

All of these cards are powerful cards capable of doing damage to all enemies while doing even greater damage to the target of your choice.
Use them well and improve your tactics on the battlefield!

*After acquiring these cards through a Card Summon, they will also be added to the Ability Shop lineup. Also, after the early acquisition period ends, these cards will become available in the Ability Shop.

 FFRK Collaboration Cards Return!

FFRK cards are back for a limited time from 4/4 at 7:00 p.m. to 4/17 at 6:59 p.m. (UTC-8).
If you are lucky these cards have a small chance to be summoned from the Greater Ability Summon!
Could this be your chance to get the cards you missed before?
In addition, ★5 augments for FFRK cards will now be unlocked as a new ★4 quest has been added to the Ring of Braves!
With ★5 augments these cards can still be a great help in any deck!
*Please note that these are not bonus cards obtained through a box-type summon.
*FFRK cards cannot be summoned through ★3 Ability Summon or ★4 Ability Summon.

New Legend Jobs Added to the Lineup!

The Legend Job Heretic Knight has been added to the summoning lineup!
This job can be summoned through ★3 Ability Summon, ★4 Ability Summon, and Greater Ability Summon at a low rate.

Legend Job Lineup
Heretic Knight
Job Type:

Multiplayer Role:
Burst Flare
Area attack. A wicked slash causing explosions.
Ace Striker
Job Type:

Multiplayer Role:
Blitz Ace
Single-target + area attack. A lightning-fast attack chain designed to score the flashiest goal.
SOLDIER 1st Class
Job Type:

Multiplayer Role:
Single-target + area attack. Nullifies enemy boons.
Heretic Knight is our newest addition to the Legend Job lineup!
The Heretic Knight is a Warrior Legend Job that boasts high MP and defense, as well as resistance to wind, earth, and dark.
On top of enhanced dark attacks they have an auto ability which makes their Ultimate gauge fill faster, so utilize these well to strike the enemy's weakpoint and release your Ultimate attack, Burst Flare!

*Legend Jobs are permanent additions to the aforementioned summons.
*You cannot summon a Legend Job obtained previously.
*The probability of summoning a Legend Job card increases according to the number of Magicite or Summon Tickets used for that summon.

About Early Acquisition Cards
Early Acquisition cards are cards that are released each month alongside other new ability cards, and can only be obtained through summoning.
This month starting on 4/4 at 7:00 p.m. (UTC-8), 9 cards from our early acquisition lineup were added into the ability shop: 「Bahamut Zero: FFVII, Bahamut: FFVII, Neo Bahamut: FFVII, Choco/Mog: FFVII, Kujata: FFVII, Knights of the Round: FFVII.
Now is the time to get that card you always wanted!