• 2017.04.03 Event
    [Apr 2017] Solo Limit Break Limited Event Begins!
Several months have passed since the fierce battle in which Warriors of Light combined forces to protect the moogles' sacred mountain in "Collective Limit Break"...
Now the battle has returned in an all new form as the Solo Limit Break event!

Event Period
From Tuesday, April 4, at 7:00 p.m.
to Tuesday, May 2, at 6:59 p.m. (UTC-8)
*The starting time for the event may vary slightly due to server conditions.

There seems to be something strange happening in the Moogle's sacred mountain, Olympos.
Something is occupying the mountain and has laid a powerful seal over it!
It would be impossible to break the seal alone...
But making the impossible possible is the mark of a true Warrior of Light.
Try challenging it solo!
The monsters occupying Olympos are called "Abyssans."
They are monsters born of the hatred of monsters slain by the Warrior of Light.

Abyssans drop area and main target focused abilities without "Lesser" attached!
These "-ja" type abilities not only are incredibly powerful, but because they consume so many orbs the turnover for elements is very fast, helping you to build up your Ultimate Gauge fast.

Below are abilities dropped by Abyssan monsters:
Warrior type: ___ Cross
 (___ can be "Flame", "Ice", or another element depending upon the elemental affinity.)
Ranger type: ___ Strike
 (___ can be "Flame", "Ice", or another element depending upon the elemental affinity.)
* Please note that "Strike" was previously listed as "Burst." We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.
Mage type: ___ja
 (___ can be "Fi", "Blizza", or another element depending upon the elemental affinity.)


How to Enter
Once the event has begun you can access it by selecting "Solo Limit Break" from the World Map.

In "Solo Limit Break" there are three areas, one for each respective job.

When using a job that matches the area you are able to enter battle with a greatly increased Deck Level!
Don't forget to match your job when battling through each area!

How to Play

1. Defeat Abyssans!
In each area an Abyssan leader of Chaos' forces will appear.
When you defeat this Abyssan, you will obtain a key item corresponding to the job of the enemy.

Proceed while collecting these key items.

2. Climb Olympos!
In the upper area of the region is the vast expanse of the sacred mountain of Olympos.
You can open the lock by using key items obtained at the foot of the mountain.
Collect key items to reach for the top of the mountain!
While climbing Olympos you can get a lot of great rewards!
What's more, if you reach the top you can get the Moglin: FF Type-0 spirit!

*For players who already own the Moglin: FF Type-0 spirit, the cutscene for obtaining it may play but you will not be able to receive a second spirit.

3. Level Up Main Target Focused Abilities!
The Abyssans who appear at the foot of the mountain will revive immediately after being defeated! If you win you can defeat as many Abyssans as you want!
In addition, the enemies at the foot of the mountain may seem weak when you first visit them, but if you battle them again they will be a great deal stronger.
If that's not enough for you, set your difficulty to "Hard" for an even bigger challenge!
*The enemies do not get progressively stronger each time, only the second time you face them.

4. Test Your Luck in the Misted Coil!
In an area even further up Olypmpos exists the reward area Misted Coil.
It seems this area has been set up as a bonus area so that any extra key items collected would not go to waste!

After completing this area, there may be many who choose to fight at the bottom of the mountain to level up their main target focused abilities.
The key items Buster Longsword, Raider Blade, and Druid Staff will continue to pile up.
You can use those key items to visit the three Misted Coil areas.
Each area has a treasure chest, so you can earn treasure each time you visit one!
(You can visit the three areas as pictured above.)
However, this treasure chest doesn't just give away great items.
Try out your luck by using key items earned while leveling your abilities!
Reward Details:
*The contents each time time you open one treasure chest.
Participation Reward: 1,000 gil.
A random additional reward.
The additional reward could be 5,000 gil, Cactuars, Ability Tickets, Crystals, etc.
Misted Coil: Suzaku (3 areas have this name)
⇒ This area can be explored using the Buster Longsword.
Misted Coil: Soryu (3 areas have this name)
⇒ This area can be explored using the Raider Blade.
Misted Coil: Byakko (3 areas have this name)
⇒ This area can be explored using the Druid Staff.