• 2017.03.24 NEWS
    [Mar 2017] FFXV Card Summon Batch Two!

From the world of Eos the characters of FFXV have arrived as powerful new ability cards for the Warrior of Light!
This time there are four new FFXV cards arriving: Gladiolus: FFXV, Ignis: FFXV, Iris: FFXV, and Ardyn: FFXV.
In addition, if you log in during this period you will receive the Cindy: FFXV card!
For a limited time there is also a new Supreme card, Unbreakable Bonds: FFXV!
Cindy's mechanical prowess will support you through even the toughest fight!

From Saturday, March 25, at 7:00 p.m.
to Saturday, April 1, at 6:59 p.m. (UTC-8)

Get the Cindy: FFXV Card!


 Card Introduction 
We will be giving away the Cindy: FFXV card to everyone who logs in during the FFXV Card Summon Batch Two period!
Cindy: FFXV
Restores HP. Adds Haste (increases actions per turn) and Barrier (increases Defense).

This top-rated mechanic is ready to give you extra support on your journey!
Even if you are put out of commision Cindy will fix you back up to tip-top shape!

Ability Cards
 FFXV Limited Cards Arrive!

During the FFXV Card Summon Batch Two period there will be new FFXV characters arriving in the "FFXV Limited  Summon"!
In this second batch the four characters Gladiolus: FFXV, Ignis: FFXV, Iris: FFXV, and Ardyn: FFXV are set to arrive.
Set off on a journey through Palamecia with your comrades from Eos!

 FFXV Limited Summon

・During the FFXV Card Summon period, there will be a FFXV Limited Summon, a summon for ability cards only.
6 cards from the current lineup of ability and FFXV ability cards will be summoned, along with a small chance of summoning a Supreme card or a Legend job card.
・FFXV Limited Cards can only be summoned from the limited-time FFXV Limited Summon at a low rate. Please note that they are not bonus cards obtainable through a box type summon.
・FFXV Limited Cards cannot be summoned through ★3 Ability Summon or ★4 Ability Summon.
Also, normal job cards cannot be summoned through the FFXV Limited Summon.

 FFXV Card Lineup Introduction

Now to introduce the FFXV Limited Card lineup for FFXV Card Summon Batch Two!
All of the FFXV Limited Cards are ★4 Fast Learner cards!

FFXV Card Batch Two Lineup
Gladiolus: FFXV
Warrior ability: Earth area attack. Adds Taunt (forces enemies to attack you) and Curse (lowers Magic).
Ignis: FFXV
Mage ability - Fire area attack (damage focus, multistrike overkill).
Iris: FFXV
Monk ability - Single-target wind attack (multistrike). Adds Taijutsu (Abilities affected by Attack, can damage Break Gauges).
Ardyn: FFXV
Sword of the Wise
Warrior ability - Single-target dark attack (multistrike). Adds Break Damage Up and draws 1 dark orb.
These unique FFXV cards possess a variety of abilities!
What's more, Iris is the first of her kind: a monk ability card!
She is arriving ahead of the job, but if you get her now she's sure to be a powerful ally later on.
You can choose the right one to fit your battle tactics or make a deck revolving around your favorite character from FFXV!
*The FFXV Limited Cards are available as ★4 Fast Learner cards, but we are planning to unlock ★5 augments in the future considering the game balance.

Summon the Limited Time Supreme Card "Unbreakable Bonds: FFXV"
The four travelers connected through an unbreakable bond as they explore the world... Now they have made their arrival as a new Supreme card!
During the FFXV Card Summon period, the Supreme card Unbreakable Bonds: FFXV can be summoned.
The Supreme card has a very low chance of being summoned through the Limited Summon, ★3 Ability Summon, and ★4 Ability Summon.
Don't miss your chance to get it in the limited period from Friday, March 17, 7:00 p.m. to Saturday, April 1, at 6:59 p.m. (UTC-8)!
Unbreakable Bonds: FFXV
Royal Arms
Warrior supreme ability - Single-target dark attack (damage focus, multistrike overkill). Adds Armiger (drains HP to increase damage).

Supporting each other and helping each other, the four comrades are here for a limited time in the Unbreakable Bonds: FFXV card!
By borrowing the power of the Royal Arms, a weapon granted only to members of the Lucis family, you can strike down enemies with a super powerful 13-hit attack!
The extra skill Armiger sacrifices your own HP to enhance the power of Royal Arms.
When you use it, the closer your HP is to maximum the more powerful your attack becomes!

*Supreme cards cannot be summoned through Cactuar Summon or Job Summon.
*After you have obtained a Supreme card it will no longer be summonable.
*The probability of summoning a Supreme card increases according to the number of Magicite or Summon Tickets used for that summon.