• 2017.03.23 Event
    [Mar 2017] Ranking Event "Scorpion Sting"!

A new Battle Tower Ranking is here, and this time you can reach the top of the tower after 10 battles!

We've made this Battle Tower a more exciting experience for both those who want to aim for the top of the Phantasmic Coil and those who just want area completion rewards!
Now if you've passed it up before because of the slow climb there's no more excuses!

Please enjoy the new Battle Tower Ranking event, Scorpion Sting!

From Friday, March 24, at 7:00 p.m.
to Saturday, April 1, at 6:59 p.m. (UTC-8)

How to Participate
You can access the battle tower by selecting the new "Scorpion Sting" region from the world map.

After you've entered the region there are 10 battles you must proceed through to reach the top.
Once you've reached the top, you will be able to go to the challenge area, Phantasmic Coil.

As you defeat the bosses in each area to proceed to the top, try to reach for the top of the rankings for the number of bosses you have defeated!
*In the case of a tie, the player with the higher battle score wins.

Event Rewards

 Area Rewards
As you beat each area you will receive the rewards listed below.
The endless battles of Phantasmic Coil await you beyond the top level. There you can obtain two Ability Tickets.

5 ■1 Phoenix Down
■1 Ability Ticket
10 ■5,000 fire skillseeds
■5,000 water skillseeds
■2 Ability Tickets
■1 Crystal
15 ■1 Elixir
■2 Ability Tickets
20 ■5,000 wind skillseeds
■5,000 earth skillseeds
■3 Ability Tickets
■1 Crystal
25 ■2 Phoenix Downs
■3 Ability Tickets
■1 Crystal
30 ■7,500 light skillseeds
■7,500 dark skillseeds
■3 Ability Tickets
35 ■2 Phoenix Downs
■3 Ability Tickets
■2 Crystals
40 ■10,000 fire skillseeds
■10,000 water skillseeds
■10,000 wind skillseeds
■10,000 earth skillseeds
45 ■3 Ability Tickets
■2 Silver Openers
■1 Crystal
50 ■10,000 light skillseeds
■10,000 dark skillseeds
■3 Ability Tickets
■1 Summon Ticket
■1 Crystal

 Ranking Rewards

These rewards are given based upon your ranking at the end of the event. The higher your rank, the more valuable the rewards.

Final RankingReward
1 - 500 ■50 Ability Tickets
■1 Growing Egg ★4
■Prismatic Fractal
"Magic Up +5%"

■10 Crystals
501 - 1,000

■30 Ability Tickets
■Prismatic Fractal
"Magic Up +4%"
■10 Crystals

1,001 - 3,000 ■15 Ability Tickets
■Prismatic Fractal
"Magic Up +3%"

■5 Crystals
3,001 - 10,000 ■9 Ability Tickets
■Prismatic Fractal
"Magic Up +2%"

■3 Crystals
10,001+ ■3 Ability Tickets
■2 Crystals

Ranking rewards will be sent to your Present Box after the end of the event.
This time the top 500 players will receive a Growing Egg ★4!

Egg cards are special cards that don't have abilities that can be used in battle.
If you place a Growing Egg in your main deck, the amount of skillseeds you earn after each battle increases!

Fractals are a material which unlocks a random auto ability when fused with another card. However, the Prismatic Fractal is an exceptionally useful and valuable card that lets you know ahead of time what auto ability will be unlocked.
Figure out the best place to use these for maximum effect!

*In the menu, under Social / Event Rewards, only two rewards are listed in the ranking rewards, but rewards will be awarded as shown above.

Other Information

 Available Cards
The boss of this tower is Guard Scorpion Mk.0.
When you defeat Guard Scorpion Mk.0 it is guaranteed to drop the Guard Scorpion Mk.0 ★3 card!

*The above image is for illustrative purposes only and may not be fully representative of the actual card.

・Ability: Lightdance
Ranger ability - Area light attack.

Strategy Tips
■ Guard Scorpion Mk.0 will change between light affinity and dark affinity mid-battle.

■ Stuns do not work on Guard Scorpion Mk.0!