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    [Feb 2017] Multiplayer Beginner's Guide


Welcome to the multiplayer adventure, Ring of Braves!

This guide is designed to instruct you in the basics of multiplayer battles and tactics.
Read this and you'll become a multiplayer master in no time.
Let's get started!

Multiplayer Adventuring!

In multiplayer adventuring you will battle powerful Sicariuses with a party of up to four players.
When you defeat a Sicarius, you'll acquire "components" which can be traded for items that will be helpful to you in your adventures.
However, the multiplayer deck building and battle system can be little intimidating if you're not used to it.

This guide will cover three areas: Multiplayer Deck Building, Quests and Parties, and Multiplayer Battles.
You'll be ready to dive right into your first multiplayer adventure after reading this guide, so let's get going!

1. Multiplayer Deck Building
Before you begin your first multiplayer adventure, you must build your multiplayer deck.
You must first understand what "multiplayer roles" are before you start.

Multiplayer Roles

Each job in multiplayer adventures has a "multiplayer role" assigned to it.
Each role has an inherent auto-ability that it can utilize, so building a deck and choosing actions that make the most of this ability are key to successful multiplayer adventuring.
■Cards for each role

There are four different multiplayer roles.
Selecting cards appropriate to each role is essential to taking actions that make the most of your role.

Attacker: Mage, Dark Knight, etc.
This player's abilities and ultimate deal the greatest damage.
Build a deck with attack abilities that take advantage of the enemy's elemental weaknesses, and you'll deal even greater damage once their defenses are broken.
Attacker's Auto Abilities
◆Area Ultimate Charge: Abilities
◆Damage Up

Breaker: Ranger, Hunter, etc.
This player is responsible for reducing the enemy's Break gauge to red with their normal attacks.
Equip yourself with ailment abilities and you will be able to optimize your attacks by inflicting ailments on the enemy while you work on getting its break gauge to red.
Breaker's Auto Abilities
◆Area Ultimate Charge: Normal Attacks
◆Break Power Up

Defender: Warrior, Knight, etc.
This player must be durable, and able to protect the entire party with extensive Element Drives.
This deck should consist of support abilities that increase your own Defense and abilities that force enemies to attack you in order to protect the rest of the party.
Defender's Auto Abilities
◆Area Element Drives
◆HP Up

Healer: White Mage, etc.
As the name suggests, this player heals and supports the party by regenerating HP and providing boons.
A large number of support cards should make up this deck so this player can constantly provide backup for the party.
Healer's Auto Abilities
◆Area Heals and Boons
◆Life Orb Draw Up

2. Quests and Parties
After you've built your deck, it's time to head for a "multiplayer region" to create a party and face off against a Sicarius.

Multiplayer Quests
When you're teleported from the world map to the multiplayer region, Ring of Braves, you'll be met by the Azure Witch, who will explain your quest to you.
When her explanation is complete, the Quest menu will appear.

Find a Party
If this is your first time, then we recommend that you use the "Find Party" function to find a party to join.

After setting the search parameters and conducting a search, you can see the details of each party that is recruiting members.
Join any party that has an empty slot.

After joining a party, you'll go to the party editing screen.
Once you've selected your role and deck, tap "Ready".
When the party is complete and everyone has selected "Ready", the leader taps "Start Battle", and the multiplayer action begins.

Forming a Party
After getting used to multiplayer adventuring, you can become a party leader and recruit members to form your own party.
To recruit a party, select "Form Party" from the Party Selection screen.

First you must select a Quest from the Quest list.
The higher the ★ number, the more difficult it is and the rarer the components that can be acquired.
Let's stick with ★1 Quests until you familiarize yourself.

After selecting a deck, set the party parameters.

1. Party editing tab
You can save up to five different party parameters.

2. Party member slots
You can set the roles and parameters for each party member slot.
Select the role you're recruiting for by tapping the slot.

Instead of selecting a role, you can select "Reserve" to save a spot for a friend, and have them join by telling them the party ID. You can also select the AI to use a deck that you've already built.

It's up to you who to play with! You can play together with your friends, with strangers, or all on your own with AI controlled characters! It's even possible to form a mixed-up party of players and AI characters!

3. Player level parameter
You can set the level of players you want to join your party.
*Single player levels are used to determine player level.

Write any party requirements or other messages you want to convey here.

Once you've recruited all your members, tap the "Start Battle" button to begin your multiplayer adventure.

3. Multiplayer Battles
All right! Let's start fighting! But before we do, we should take a look at what makes multiplayer battles different.

Determining Actions
Multiplayer battles are conducted after each player determines their action each turn.
First let's look at how actions are determined.

1. Your action list
The actions you have selected appear here in order as icons.
Actions are selected the same as in single player adventures.

2. Number of actions
This displays the number of actions you have.
Actions are recovered at the rate of three per turn in ★1&★2 Quests, and two in ★3 Quests. Unused actions are carried over to the next turn.

3. Confirm button
This button confirms the actions you will take during the round.
Party actions are carried out in the order in which the party members tap this button.
You cannot change your actions for the turn after you have tapped this button.

Useful Functions
The cancel and stamp message functions can come in handy.
4. Cancel button
If you have selected any actions, this button appears. Tap this button to cancel the last action you selected.

5. Stamp message button
Select this to open the stamp message area.
Communicate with other party members by selecting and sending stamps.

6. Remaining time
You must select your actions within a set amount of time.
When the timer runs out, actions will be performed automatically.

How to Resurrect Players
Resurrecting in multiplayer adventures is different than in single player adventures.

7. Party member list
This is a list of the party members' conditions and actions.
Keep an eye on this so you know what your companions' HP levels and actions are.

8. Phoenix Down button
When you or another party member has been defeated, use a Phoenix Down to resurrect them.
Once you tap this button, drag and put it on the HP bar of the player you wish to ressurect, and wait a second until it takes effect.

More Multiplayer Help

This was a brief explanation, so if you want more details on multiplayer adventuring, navigate to ETC / Help / Multiplayer.
You'll be able to find some more details there, so please have a look.

Get out there and have fun adventuring in MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY!